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40 Under 40 Rich List In The AI Sector: Wealthiest Young Innovators from Europe

As of April 2023, AI companies have witnessed a notable surge of 30% or higher in their net worth since 2021, as reported by Forbes. Mindstream, a renowned AI news hub, has recently disclosed its yearly compilation of the “40 Under 40 Richest People in AI” list, showcasing the influential role played by Europe’s top entrepreneurs in propelling technological advancements.

The list of 40 under 40 shows that Europe has emerged as a key player in the global AI sector, showcasing a group of young innovators whose combined net worth of £74 billion ($94 billion) surpasses that of the United States at £14 billion ($18 billion) and Australia at £10 billion ($18 billion). This underlines the significant influence of European innovators on the worldwide AI landscape, serving as an inspiration for future generations of tech pioneers.

Top 5 of 40 Under 40 Rich List In The AI Sector

Leading the pack is Jude Gomila, a 39-year-old entrepreneur from London, boasting a net worth of approximately £39 billion ($51 billion). His AI startup,, has garnered widespread recognition within the sector, demonstrating the vast potential of AI-driven businesses.

In second place is Pavel Durov, often dubbed as the Zuckerberg of Russia, with a net worth of around £12 billion ($15 billion) at the age of 39. His messaging platform, Telegram, has reshaped the digital realm with its cutting-edge AI functionalities, offering a glimpse into the promising future of AI technology.

The Collison brothers, John and Patrick leveraged AI and machine learning to propel their e-commerce venture, Stripe, to unprecedented heights of success.

Occupying the third position are the Collison brothers, John (33) and Patrick (35), with net worths of approximately £5 billion ($7 billion) each. These Irish entrepreneurs have leveraged AI and machine learning to propel their e-commerce venture, Stripe, to unprecedented heights of success.

The fourth wealthiest and youngest European on the list is 20-year-old Italian Clemente del Vecchio, who inherited around £3 billion ($4 billion) in shares from his family business, EssilorLuxottica, renowned for its smart eyewear solutions. He ranks as the sixth richest individual in the global AI industry under the age of 40.

The Full List of 40 Under 40 Richest People in AI Sector:

RankingNameAgeNet worthSource Of WealthCountry
1Jude Gomila39$51BillionGolden.comUSA
2Pavel Durov39$15.5 BillionTelegram MessengerRussia
3John Collison33$7.3 BillionStripeIreland
4Patrick Collison35$7.2 BillionStripeIreland
5Marita Cheng35$5 BillionAubotAustralia
6Clemente del Vecchio20$4.8 BillionEssilorLuxotticaItaly
7Michal Strnad31$4.5 BillionCzechoslovak Group (CSG)Czech Republic
8Cliff Obrecht38$4.4 BillionCanvaAustralia
9Melanie Perkins37$4.4 BillionCanvaAustralia
10Evan Spiegel33$3.7 BillionSnapchatUSA
11Sriharsha Majety38$3.6 BillionSwiggyIndia
12Bobby Murphy35$3.5 BillionSnapchatUSA
13Chen Tianshi39$3.1 BillionCambricon TechnologiesChina
14Chen Tianshi39$2.7 BillionRevolutLondon, UK
15Dylan Field32$2 BillionFigma IncUSA
16Johnny Boufarhat29$1.9 BillionHopinUK
17Austin Russel29$1.7 BillionLuminarUSA
18Joe Lau34$1.5 BillionAlchemyUSA
19Nikil Viswanathan36$1.5 BillionAlchemyUSA
20Ivan Zhao37$1.5 BillionNotionCanada
21Chris Wanstrath39$1.4 BillionGitHubUSA
22Brett Adcock37$1.4 BillionFigureUSA
23Baiju Bhatt39$1.3 BillionRobinhoodUSA
24Roy Reznik35$1.2 BillionWizIsrael
25Martin Klenk37$1.2 BillionCelonisGermany
26Stanley Tang32$1.2 BillionDoorDashUSA
27Andy Fang33$1.2 BillionDoorDashUSA
28Kim Jung-min22$1.2 BillionNexonSouth Korea
29Kim Jung-youn20$1.2 BillionNexonSouth Korea
30Matei Zaharia39$1.2 BillionDatabricksRomania
31Alexander Rinke35$1.1 BillionCelonisGermany
32Wu Xubo39$1.1 BillionZX IncChina
33Shunsaku Sagami
The Full List of 40 Under 40 Richest People in AI Sector: Data sources: Forbes Billionaires, Forbes Real-Time Billionaires.

Michal Strnad, a 31-year-old individual from the Czech Republic, holds the position of the fifth wealthiest European. With a net worth of approximately £3 billion ($4 billion), he is also recognized as the seventh richest young person in the field of artificial intelligence globally. Michal’s wealth stems from his ownership of Czechoslovak Group (CSG), a multifaceted industrial-technological conglomerate specializing in aerospace software production.

Nikolay Storonsky, a 39-year-old from London, is the sixth richest individual in the European AI sector and ranks 14th globally, boasting a net worth of approximately £2 billion ($2 billion). The majority of his wealth comes from his AI-driven digital bank, Revolut.

Johnny Boufarhat, a self-made billionaire from the UK, is the youngest AI billionaire in Europe, ranking 16th worldwide at just 29 years old. With a net worth of around £1 billion ($1 billion), he accumulated his wealth through his Generative AI and Live Engagement platform, Hopin.

A representative from Mindstream commented, “The year 2023 marked a pivotal moment as AI gained mainstream recognition and fueled substantial economic expansion. The list of wealthy individuals underscores the immense opportunities available for those at the forefront of technological innovation, particularly in the AI industry.”

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