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50 successful companies with minimal funding

50 successful companies with minimal funding

Skimming headlines, it seems like all successful companies see big money. We used Crunchbase Pro to debunk this myth and dug up 50 of the most successful companies that have built themselves on minimal funding.

Biotech Roivant raises $200M more

Swiss biopharmaceutical company Roivant Sciences has raised $200 million in new financing, bringing its valuation to $7 billion. New investors Novaquest Capital Management, RTW Investments, and other large institutional asset managers provided a majority of funding.

WeWork now has more money to lose

Coworking companies are very good at both raising money and losing it. WeWork, which just secured another $3 billion in SoftBank financing, reportedly posted Q3 losses that were in excess of its revenues. It may need the money to take on fresh competition, as China-based rival Ucommune is scaling up too.

Juul removes flavored pods from stores

E-cigarette unicorn Juul Labs said it will be removing non-tobacco flavored pods from all stores. The move follows demands from U.S. health regulators to to deal with the growing problem of underage use of these products

Bain Capital Ventures has fresh $1B

Bain Capital Ventures, the venture capital arm of the private equity giant Bain Capital, has $1 billion to invest in startups across industries and stages. The money is spread across three funds: a $650 million flagship vehicle, a $250 million co-investment, and an additional $100 million directly from Bain’s partners.

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