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5,300 entrepreneurs from Nigeria, Kenya and South Africa graduate from Google’s Hustle Academy

After completing Google’s Hustle Academy, 5,300 small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) from South Africa, Kenya, and Nigeria have graduated. Since the Hustle Academy’s debut in 2022, Google has given over 10,000 African businesses more authority. Kenyans make up more than 3,000 of these SMBs.

The Hustle Academy curriculum offers tools and practical skills that are critical for business growth, with an emphasis on tackling the issues that African SMBs face. In order to help business owners handle the hurdles faced by SMEs in Africa, they receive 3,000 hours of training on essential business concepts and five days of hands-on instruction.

Strategic growth workshops addressing business growth strategy, creating digital marketing roadmaps, identifying and assessing funding sources, and successful pitching are all included in the training program. Building on the success of the over 5,000 SMBs that graduated last year, this group of students is more capable.

The graduates’ diverse industry representation highlights how dynamic and varied Kenyan entrepreneurship is. These companies have demonstrated an amazing ability for creativity and resilience by taking part in the Hustle Academy.

According to Agnes Gathaiya, Country Director for East Africa, “These SMBs’ growth and tenacity are admirable.” The Hustle Academy program is a shining example of what can be achieved with real-world instruction and access to resources. In addition to honoring their dedication, today’s graduation also recognizes their contribution to improving the business climate in Kenya.

Small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) in Africa are receiving a lot of support through a range of initiatives, goods, and alliances, which aids them in overcoming the difficulties of the contemporary business environment. Initiatives such as the Hustle Academy are a part of Google’s larger mission to support the African business community.

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