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Access Bank and CSR-in-Action Partner to Host C-PET Workshop

The 17th installment of the CSO Professionalism and Effectiveness Therapy (CPET) Workshop, which was successfully carried out last week by Access Bank Plc and CSR-in-Action Group as part of their long-standing collaboration to improve the effectiveness of charities and volunteer citizen groups, was held last week. The theme of the 17th C-PET course was “UN SDGs Compliance for Nonprofits.”

The purpose was to introduce fundamental concepts connected to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the UN to nonprofit groups and civil society organisations. This required creating sustainable project design and management strategies, aligning their individual missions with these objectives, and emphasising the promotion of collaboration. The ultimate goal was to increase financing accessibility and overall operational effectiveness.

We were proud to have passionate participants from various Civil Society Organisations from around Nigeria, despite the difficulties caused by widening inequality and global exclusion. With over 135 excellent students seeking for participation, the road to this training was quite competitive. A total of 127 people were shortlisted as a consequence of our rigorous screening procedure, and 69 of them were chosen to participate in this historic event.

The key to any effective training is its facilitation, and the 17th C-PET Workshop was made better by Mr. Bankole Oloruntoba’s knowledge and reliable resources. Mr. Oloruntoba brought his vast expertise in Climate Technology Partnership, entrepreneurial growth, and business innovation to the forefront while serving as the Chief Executive Officer of the Nigeria Climate Innovation Centre (NCIC). His in-depth knowledge of nonprofit management and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the United Nations (UN) guaranteed that participants got the knowledge they needed to influence good change within their individual organisations.

In order to identify their organisations, strengthen their value propositions, and link them with the UN SDGs, Mr. Oloruntoba provided the delegates with crucial tools. Through a train-the-trainer value chain, it is anticipated that this learning will spread throughout the non-profit sector, enabling increased impact and sustainability for the causes that can transform society.

This training not only demonstrates CSR-in-Action’s unwavering dedication, but it also reflects Access Bank’s goal of becoming known as the most reputable and caring African bank in the world. The investments made by Access Bank in Nigeria’s socioeconomic development strongly align with the country’s efforts to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals by 2030. Together, we are steadily moving forward to accelerate development in the biggest economy in Africa, one sustainable step at a time.

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