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AFEX Code Cash Crop 4.0: Scaling Market-Led Solutions in African Agriculture kicks off

Are you prepared to flex your creative muscles and transform the food systems in Africa? If so, get ready to roll up your sleeves and come along for an exhilarating adventure in Code Cash Crop’s fourth edition.

In order to expand market-driven solutions that respond to the local needs of significant participants in Africa’s agricultural value chain, we will this year make use of the possibilities of agriculture, technology, and finance. And to keep you on your toes, we have an incredible lineup of events. An example of what’s to come is as follows:

  • An African-wide hackathon: This is the magical place! You’ll have the chance to collaborate with like-minded people and create ground-breaking answers to urgent problems with Africa’s food systems.
  • Bootcamps: Our boot camps will give you the chance to propose the most audacious, industry-changing ideas to professionals in an intensive, collaborative workshop in a casual setting to help you win big, whether you’re a seasoned pro or fresh to the world of hackathons.
  • Mentoring Programs: Stuck in your ways? Our mentoring programs will put you in touch with industry professionals who can provide you the direction and encouragement you need to develop your ideas further and bring you up to speed on the newest technological and commercial trends.
  • Panel Discussions: Our panels will include business professionals who will offer their knowledge and expertise on subjects like technology, finance, and agriculture.
  • Want to see what other teams are doing? Attend an exhibition. The inventive solutions created by participants will be on display in our exhibitions.

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