Africa Internship Academy (AIA) Graduate Internship Program November 2018 in Accra, Ghana

Applications are open for the Africa Internship Academy (https://www.AfricaInternshipAcademy.com/) Graduate Internship Program November 2018. The Graduate Internship Program is specially designed for young people and tailored to meet the needs of various graduates who are ready to begin their career journey, to gain specialized skills, network extensively, and gain work experience through a two month practical internship.


The program is scheduled for two months, with one month being compulsory for our work Integrated Learning module and another month with our host companies and organizations where we also assign mentors to fellows.

Throughout its inception, the program has churned many people who are now actively working at reputable organizations within Africa. This year, our Graduate Internship Program takes a special turn as more professionals from various career fields have been brought on board. They will take cohort through an intensive soft and hard skills training to better equip them and make them very unique in their career environment.

Various work integrated modules have been designed to match up the expectations of participants. Facilitators will walk them through all the modules, assigning tasks to them to ensure they have appreciable knowledge on the modules. Cohort will engage in activities ranging from presentations, proposal writing, and CV writing. They will be guided by professionals in these activities.


Applicants should be between 20 – 30 years old.

Should reside in Ghana at the start of the Program.

Should be able to comprehend and speak average English.

Should be available for at least four training sessions within the week.

Should be ready to work with people of different backgrounds.

Should demonstrate initiative, professionalism, and openness.


The person, the mind and emotions

The person and skills

The person and productivity

The person and the society


At the end of the program:

1. Fellows will be able to explore themselves (their skills, capabilities, strengths, weaknesses) through the knowledge of Emotional, Psychological and Social intelligence.

2. They will be able to make sound judgments and build on their analytical and evaluation skills.

3. Fellows will learn effective practices in business management, entrepreneurship, public relations, and customer relations.

4. Increase the ability to think “outside of the box,” and spark creative, innovative approaches to problems.

5. Fellows will have the opportunity to build lasting relationships with Facilitators and colleagues.

6. Sharpen their Presentation, Public Speaking and Networking skills, and also learn how to write excellent professional report, memos, CV/Resume.

7. They will also learn about emails and how to research and communicating findings.

8. Fellows will be exposed to the strategies of interviews and how to adequately prepare for a professional job interview.

9. They will have an in-depth knowledge about organizational culture and workplace Etiquette.

10.They will also learn all there is to know about Entrepreneurship and encouraged to have a mindset of an entrepreneur

11. They will build on their Financial Literacy, and design thinking skills.

Deadline for registration: November 14, 2018
Apply online www.AfricaInternshipAcademy.com

Contact for Partnership and Collaborations:
Emmanuel Leslie Addae
+233 26 297 9845
Nora Asiedu
+233 549105682
About Africa Internship Academy:
Africa Internship Academy (AIA) (www.AfricaInternshipAcademy.com) which is a YOUTH EMPLOYMENT ACCELERATOR here in Ghana with a continental focus. The platform grooms young Africans with employable skills through an extensive WORK INTEGRATED LEARNING PROGRAM MODULE.  AIA Modules are focused on EMPLOYABLE and WORK-READINESS SKILLS TRAINING & EARLY BUSINESS ADVISORY SUPPORT.
About People Initiative Foundation:
People Initiative Foundation (https://PeopleInitiativeFoundation.org/) is a Pan Africa Youth organization that promotes and supports Africa’s youth to achieve their goals in life. Our Thematic areas: Education & Youth Livelihood Skills Training ;Employment & Employability Skills Trainings; StartUps & SME Incubation Program; Talents Searching / Job Connecting Platform; Mentorship Platform, Internship placements and Social Impact Programs.
These initiatives are geared towards employment, empowerment and job creation for Africa’s youth.

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