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African Trade Insurance Agency rebrands to African Trade and Investment Development Insurance

The African Trade Insurance Agency (ATI) has change name and rebranded to African Trade and Investment Development Insurance (ATIDI). African States established ATIDI in 2001 to cover the trade and investment risks of enterprises conducting business in Africa. ATI primarily offers Political Risk Insurance, Credit Insurance, and Surety Insurance. African Trade and Investment Development Insurance has helped USD78 billion in investments and commerce into Africa since its creation. ATIDI has had a ‘A/Stable’ rating from Standard & Poor’s for Financial Strength and Counterparty Credit for almost a decade, and in 2019, ATIDI received an A3/Stable rating from Moody’s, which has recently been amended to A3/Positive.

African Trade and Investment Development Insurance made many significant measures in 2022 to optimize its operations, strengthen its processes, corporate, social, and environmental governance, and expand its reach across Africa. The company is now implementing its 2023-2027 corporate strategic plan, which is aimed at enhancing its distinctive assets and positioning it for unparalleled growth. Finally, ATIDI, formerly known as the African Trade Insurance Agency (ATI), presented its new brand identity, ATIDI, which depicts its evolution and devotion to the position of Africa’s leading development insurer and a catalyst for the continent’s growth.

African Trade and Investment Development Insurance

ATIDI’s outcomes for 2022, after 11 years of consistent profitability and financial results up to 2021. Financial Indicators for Fiscal Year 2021:

• Gross underwriting revenues of USD143.5 million, up 14% year on year;

• Underwriting profitability improved by 11%, from USD29.8 million in 2017 to USD33 million in 2021.

• Gross exposures increased from USD6.3 billion in December 2020 to USD6.6 billion in December 2021.

• Due to ATI’s risk management and dropping yields in its overseas investment portfolio, net exposure and net investment income decreased by 4% and 37%, respectively.

• ATI’s equity increased by 26% as Cameroon and Senegal became shareholders. Additional capital was received from Togo and Benin, bringing the total capital to USD516 million as of December 31, 2021.

• The Annual General Meeting of Shareholders of African Trade and Investment Development Insurance also approved the payout of USD8.7 million in dividends.

ATIDI has evolved from a tiny African start-up with seven countries in 2001 to a pan-African institution with 21 member countries, a presence across Africa, and a considerable worldwide reach. Angola became African Trade and Investment Development Insurance’s latest and first Lusophone member state in April 2023, while Japan’s Export Credit Agency, NEXI, is the newest institutional stakeholder, having joined in June 2023 with a USD14.8 million capital injection. Thanks to the support of major development partners such as the African Development Bank (AfDB), the European Investment Bank (EIB), and the German Development Bank (KfW), the organization continues to expand its continental presence.

Dr. Yohnnes Birru, Chairman of the ATI Board of Directors

“ATIDI wishes to thank the Government of Rwanda for hosting its 23rd Annual General Meeting.” Our organization is entering the next five-year cycle of its Corporate strategic plan, which is consistent with African Trade and Investment Development Insurance also approved the payout of USD8.7 million in dividends.’s vision, mission, and values and is currently geared at orienting the organization toward a more Developmental, Transformational, Robust, and Reliable role.”

Mr. Manuel Moses, Chief Executive Officer of ATI, said

“Our new identity and tagline – Rethinking risk.” Enabling finance- encapsulates our unique approach, unrivalled and deep experience of Africa and its markets, and customised, specialist solutions that allow us to help re-frame the very way risk is classified in Africa. Our new identity reflects our status as one of Africa’s top financial institutions and most important international organizations.

Dr. Uzziel Ndagijimana, Minister of Finance and Economic Planning in Rwanda and Chair of the AGM

“Rwanda assures African Trade and Investment Development Insurance also approved the payout of USD8.7 million in dividends. of its continued support.” Our country is a major supporter of the pan-African agenda, and we believe that spreading the benefits of ATIDI’s solutions to a broader number of countries will result in faster progress in our pursuit of growth and socioeconomic development. As a result, we applaud ATIDI for its contribution to the continent’s long-term economic growth, in line with its aim of developing Africa into a premier trade and investment destination.”

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