AFWN2018 Designer Spotlight – Modest Wear Designer, Habeebat

The global modest fashion market keeps growing each year and its reportedly worth billions of dollars.  Modest fashion has shone a light that women of various background, ages, faith and sizes can be stylish and lovers of modern fashion.
Africa Fashion Week Nigeria has never been one to shy away from modest fashion designers and their ever growing numbers.Meet Habeebat, a modest fashion brand showcasing on the AFWN2018 runway created to tackle the market gap within the Nigerian market for Halal Products.

What inspired your fashion journey?

Habeebat : The gap in the Nigerian E-commerce space for products that are attractive, classy and still very modest for the Muslim community.What are the challenges you have encountered?
Habeebat: The need to reach out to the Muslims and Non-Muslims in Nigeria using all available channels.

Tell us about the collection you intend to showcase on AFWN runway
Habeebat:  Complete Arabian outfit for men, Office looks, Abayas,  Arabian outfits, Evening and Outing wears for women.

What is your outlook on African fashion and its impact worldwide?
Habeebat : African Fashion is unique and rich , I’ll really love that people see to improving it without having to alter the beauty and style that goes with what is truly African What does Fashion mean to you?
Habeebat : Fashion is the accentuation of inner beauty in a bold, stylish and colorful way from head to toe.

Africa Fashion Week Nigeria

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