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Agritech start-up Bazuze boosts local economy by encouraging people to invest in agro commodity trading

In Nigeria, being a farmer has often been synonymous with poverty for quite a while now.

This is due to the portrayal of farming as majorly for subsistence; the practice of subsistence farming is carried out majorly due to but not limited to issues facing the sectors especially the smallholder farmers; Low access to funds, the long chain of middlemen leading to poor access to a diverse market.

The discourse on mobile technologies in agriculture is part of a wider debate on ICT and mobile technology in development, which has received significant attention over the last five years.

Enthusiastic studies have also shown that mobile phones do have a multi-dimensional positive impact on sustainable poverty reduction and identify accessibility as the main challenge in harnessing the full potential.

Agritech start-ups like Bazuze have figured out a way to involve people not just in Farming but in the trading of the Agricultural commodities in the local market and exporting to the international market by taking advantage of the budding relationship people have with their Smart devices.

How Mobile Communication Technology is making Agricultural Markets more efficient and transparent includes the following:

  • Linking poor farmers to urban, regional and global markets
  • Improving services and governance for the rural poor
  • Promoting – and including smallholders in – agricultural innovation
  • Helping farmers manage a range of risks
  • Improving land and natural resource management and addressing environmental pressures
  • Helping poor farmers participate in higher-value agriculture
  • Supporting the emergence of a more diverse rural economy, and supporting rural families’ decisions about their mix of productive activities

The internet has and is still bringing people over to form a global community of information sharers and decision-makers. Bazuze capitalizes on this information to encourage people to grow the local economy by investing in Agriculture commodity trading

Bazuze gives people the opportunity to invest in lucrative farm commodities and enjoy a good yield ROI, up to 40%, after a specified time (usually between the periods of 5- 9 months). Interestingly, this commitment can be made in the comfort of your sitting room or office space.

This is how new generation individuals are saving the planet and earning in the process. A Win-Win for the company, for the investors and especially for local farmers.

They Farm, Bazuze Trade, You Earn and A Farmer is Empowered.

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