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Airtel Africa announces plans to roll out mobile money in Nigeria.

Telecommunication company Airtel Africa has announced plans to roll out mobile money in Nigeria.

According to the telco’s CEO Raghunath Mandava the growth in revenue was attributed to the double-digits growth across business products in Nigeria and East Africa.

The telecommunications and mobile money service provider, present in 14 countries across East, Central and West Africa, stated their plan to list their shares on the London Stock Exchange.

Mandava said the company is working on securing confirmation of a brand name and obtaining a license for the mobile payment service.

“The business continues to show momentum, and we are confident of delivering sustained growth across voice, data and mobile money, underpinning our medium-term aspirations for revenue and profit growth,” he declared.

Mandava specified that the company’s results are clear indication of the reliability of the company’s strategy.

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