Applications for the fourth edition of The Future is Female Mentorship Program opens

Applications for the fourth iteration of The Future is Female Mentorship Program have been opened by C. Moore Media and Allison+Partners. The project is the first and only PR and communications campaign devoted solely to African female IT entrepreneurs.

The initiative is being run this year in collaboration with Google Africa. Through the partnership, a few alumni of the Google for Startups Accelerator program will be able to participate in the Future is Female Mentorship Program. In order to promote African female entrepreneurs’ startups’ improved visibility and growth, the program offers PR and communications expertise, insights, information, and skills solely to them.

The Salesforce Ventures Impact Fund, which will assist the program by presenting a session on VC fundraising for the chosen female founders from around Africa, is also a welcome addition to the fourth iteration of the event. The Salesforce Ventures Impact Fund is very interested in Africa and is still evaluating the prospects present there. The Fund has backed some of the leading software businesses with an African emphasis in the area, including Flutterwave and Andela.

The Future is Female Mentorship Program was created because African women who found IT companies sometimes lack support in the industry’s male-dominated environment. The Future Is Female Mentorship Program founder and managing director of Africa at Allison + Partners, Claudine Moore, said, “We are thrilled to launch the fourth edition of the project with Allison + Partners, who bought C. Moore Media, International Public Relations. Additionally, we are thrilled to work with Google Africa and their Women Founders Africa Program, as well as Salesforce, who will present a session on VC fundraising with the program’s chosen finalists.

Founded by the PR firm C. Moore Media International PR, specializing in IT PR for Africa, on Africa Day in 2020. Allison+Partners, a worldwide PR firm, recently purchased C. Moore Media International PR. Applications to the program have increased by almost 160% in recent years, and in 2022, 36 African countries will submit applications.

We are thrilled to be working with The Future is Female Mentorship Program because it supports and empowers women founders who are creating fantastic tech firms in or for Africa, which is in line with the purpose of the Google for firms Accelerator: Women Founders Africa Program. remarked Folarin Aiyegbusi, head of Sub-Saharan Africa’s startup ecosystem. We can assist close the gap between the number of women-led firms and the quantity and caliber of support they receive by boosting the participation of women in the startup ecosystem, which will ultimately result in greater diversity and innovation. For the third straight year, Techcabal will be one of the official partners of Africa Communications Week, a global platform that connects communicators interested in Africa’s transformation.

The mentoring program is given remotely, and the mentees are encouraged to take part in masterclasses and sessions that are tailored to the particular requirements of their industry and company. African women entrepreneurs will gain knowledge about VC finance, public relations and communications, storytelling, media relations, and more. Startups with a focus in the fields of health, education, finance, agriculture, and sustainability are given particular consideration during the selection process. Startups that address the problems of African women and girls and/or offer solutions will also be given additional consideration.

The deadline for submissions is Monday, June 26, 2023. Female founders who are interested can apply here. Tuesday, July 25, 2023, will see the announcement of the chosen applicants.

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