Apply for the ICFJ Leap Innovation Lab 2023 Solutions Challenge on AI & Disinformation

Do you have a strong interest in the convergence of journalism and technology? Do you envision a future in which AI expands rather than distorts the truth? Apply now for the ICFJ Leap Innovation Lab 2023 AI & Disinformation Solutions Challenge.

The ICFJ’s Leap innovation lab is offering a 12-week curriculum on using artificial intelligence to combat disinformation. The program is free, but your enthusiasm and time commitment are required. At the end of the program, you will have the option to obtain a development grant to help you flesh out your idea.

Program Specifics

  • Exploration (four weeks): Two workshops per week with field experts to map the landscape, identify needs, and offer new methods to meet them.
  • Sprint (three weeks, with Saturday half-days): An intensive Design Thinking process for rapidly developing and testing a project or product prototype.
  • Develop (four weeks): Teams collaborate with mentors to refine their ideas so that they may be included into their newsrooms or pitched to a funder for further development. They will give out grants to the finest ideas.


  • Work with a varied team of journalists, technologists, and product experts.
  • Take advantage of cutting-edge solutions like as GPTZero’s APIs, Adobe’s Content Authenticity Initiative, and Google’s Claim Review.
  • Create solutions to detect AI-manipulated content, protect authentic news, promote ethical AI use in newsrooms, and accelerate fact-checking.
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They urge small teams from the same organization to apply together so that what they generate can be implemented more effectively. They do, however, accept applications from individuals who want to join a group around a common aim.

Leap is ideal if you are a journalist, technologist, or product manager who:

  • Can identify a journalism difficulty and use AI techniques to address it.
  • Enjoys working with others.
  • Desires to be a change agent.
  • Is willing to devote at least three hours per week.
  • Is open to sharing your product or results with the journalistic community.
  • Is a native English speaker.


The sessions are entirely virtual. Participation necessitates: Two 90-minute sessions per week are scheduled: Tuesday and Thursday, 9:00 – 10:30 a.m. ET. The Sprint will include three half-day sessions on Saturdays in October. Click here to apply Click here to apply

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