Apply for the UPG Biashara initiative for entrepreneurs to turn ideas into business

An initiative called UPG Biashara assists business owners in transforming their concepts into profitable ventures. This involves expanding and fortifying already-existing businesses.

Progress has always been greatly aided by entrepreneurship, and this is particularly true in the quickly changing corporate environment of today. We need to search outside of the traditional sources for novel solutions.

The Kiswahili word for “business,” “biashara,” emphasizes UPG’s dedication to enabling company owners and people who want to use their endeavors to positively impact the world.

Recognizing the value of diversity, UPG Biashara seeks to assist everyone with brilliant ideas, wherever they may be. For those who are chosen to take part in the program, UPG Biashara is totally free. But candidates have to fight for the few slots available in this life-changing experience.

The “Learning Journey” and the “Action Journey,” which are both included in UPG Biashara, are free of cost. Furthermore, UPG Champions and those who are unable to pay it are exempt from the tiny application fee, guaranteeing that UPG Biashara will always be available to everyone. Please select the “About Application Fee” link below to find out more.

Visit our website at https://upglive.org/UPGBiashara for additional details regarding UPG Biashara. Please feel free to forward this link to any interested parties you may know. The deadline for applications is December 31, 2023. CLICK HERE TO APPLY

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