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Apply Now for the SHONA Growth Program 2019

SHONA Growth Program 2019

5-year Program to grow high-potential Entrepreneurs and their Businesses

We are looking for high potential entrepreneurs that we can put our resources behind!


This Shona program is designed for entrepreneurs, CEOs and co-founders that lead on the vision of the company. The program allows for entrepreneurs to be joined by some of their teammates throughout the experience. The program is structured in the form of:

On the ground support

Our team visits your company to work with you and your team at multiple points during the program. The first of these is at the beginning of the program, where we will come and spend a day working with you to understand the company in detail and to discuss together the areas of the business that you most want to focus on in the first year of the program.

Residential bootcamps

We run residential boot camps during the program, bringing together Entrepreneurs, and Experts, who have been selected based on the needs of the entrepreneur and their businesses. Some of these boot camps are a few days, our longest is 2.5 weeks. We have two mandatory boot camps in the first year of the program, the first which is 2.5 weeks and a second one 5-6 months later which is 1 week.

Remote support

We conduct frequent check-ins with you to make sure you have got all the support you need. These range from weekly, monthly or quarterly check-ins depending on the phase of the program, and curated to your needs. A lot of our Experts also work with companies remotely.


1. Clarity

What is the vision of your company? What is your business model? Who is your customer? Where should your business be in 3 years? Where is your business right now? How much do you need to sell to generate a profit? What are your Strengths and Opportunities? What is the best type of capital for your business – Equity, Debt or something else? And how much can you raise?

These are just a few of the questions that our program helps entrepreneurs answer for their businesses. Gain clarity on the type of business your are working to build and the best strategy to build it.

2. Capital

Every business needs some form of capital, whether internal (generated from the business and its owners) or external (raised from other people or institutions) to grow.

This program helps entrepreneurs understand the best type of capital for their business and how much they need to raise. We support entrepreneurs to raise capital internally, or externally from our network of over 100 investors. Participating in this program also makes you eligible for direct investment from SHONA Capital, the investing arm of SHONA.

3. Expertise

Wondering: How to penetrate a certain market? How to manage and grow your team? How to make your business more efficient?

Whatever the question is, or the type of expert you need, this program will help you answer it and find the right expert from our network of over 200 experts.

4. Community

Building a business is so rewarding, and so LONELY.

Being a part of this program earns you a tribe, a familiar group of people going through your similar journey, share your values, that you can trust and trust you back, challenge you and are always rooting for you. You’ll no longer be or feel like you are alone.

5. Network

Have you been trying to find the right way to grow into another market? Based in Uganda, and looking for an Accountant in Tanzania? Looking for a connection to anyone?

Whoever it is, whatever you need to learn, our network across East Africa and Internationally will be able to help you.


Who We’re Looking For?

We work with high potential companies that:

  • Are generating annual revenues of at least $20,000
  • Have a viable business model.
  • Are 3-5 years old, if the business is older there needs to have been a significant change that has shifted the working/thinking of the business.
  • Have a foundational team of at least 2 people in place who are capable and committed to seeing the vision and mission through.

Additionally, we look for high potential entrepreneurs who are:

  • Bold visionaries that are highly ambitious for what their companies can achieve in terms of revenue and impact.
  • Ethical and have strong integrity.Hungry to learn.
  • Exemplary at executing the work needed to achieve the vision and success of the company.

A selected company must be able to send a CEO or co-founder with significant decision making power in the company to attend our program. This is because real-time decisions will be made over the course of the boot camp and it would be unproductive and ineffective for you, your company and our experts to come to a decision which could not be immediately implemented due to a chain of command.

While the following criteria reflect the kinds of companies we target as ideal candidates for our programme, we do not believe in blindly following the rules. If you don’t meet one or more of these characteristics, then convince us that you deserve a spot at our programme and apply anyway!

Write to us at [email protected] or to our Angela, our Recruitment  Associate at [email protected]


Application deadline June 30, 2020
Program dates July 27, 2020: 9:00 AM – 6:00 PM
Organizer SHONA Accelerator
Location Kampala, Uganda
Targets Kenya, Rwanda, Tanzania, United Republic of, Uganda
Sectors Agribusiness, Clean technology and energy, Construction and manufacturing, Creative, media and entertainment, Education, Financial services, Healthcare, ICT, Water, sanitation and hygiene

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