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Arab-Africa Trade Bridges (AATB) Food Security Program launched

The Arab-Africa Trade Bridges Program Launches Arab-Africa Trade Bridges (AATB) Food Security Program. The Launch Event brought attention to issues surrounding global food security and gave African and Arab businesses in the agricultural and food sectors opportunities for engagement and collaboration.

In response to the ongoing global food security crisis, the executive committee of the multi-donor Arab-Africa Trade Bridges (AATB) Programme created a US$1.5 billion food security programme to address the concerns of food insecurity in the Arab and African areas. The crisis continues to be a major priority on the international development agenda and is one of the biggest challenges the world is now experiencing.

The various AATB programme partners as well as esteemed local and regional media outlets attended the hybrid launch event, which was held at the African Export-Import Bank (Afreximbank) headquarters in Cairo on July 6. Speaking to the group, members of the Executive Committee emphasised the importance of the Food Security Programme to their member nations.

By highlighting its particular interest in the food industry, AATB hopes to use its knowledge, resources, and partnerships to carry out focused engagements that address the unique difficulties encountered by member nations. The four AATB Programme pillars—Trade, Investment, Insurance, and Infrastructure—are the foundation of the Food Security Programme. The programme also includes a fifth component, capacity development and technical support, which acts as a unifying theme and an enabling element. Along with capacity building and technical assistance services, the programme will offer financed and unfunded financial transactions relevant to food security.

The program’s main goal in the short term is to meet the member countries’ immediate needs for food security, with an emphasis on providing the means for a steady and dependable supply of basic food staples. The importance of addressing the urgent needs of populations experiencing food insecurity is also acknowledged by this purpose.

The programme also aims to create resilient and sustainable food systems that guarantee the accessibility, affordability, and availability of wholesome food for everyone by luring investments, improving infrastructure, maximising value chains, and encouraging cooperation. These actions will promote the region’s overall socioeconomic development and long-term food security.

The AATB places a lot of emphasis on the food security programme, demonstrating its dedication to addressing the changing objectives of member nations in vital areas like health and food security for sustainable development. By giving the food industry first priority, AATB acknowledges its significance for development that is integrated, environmentally sustainable, and conducive to human well-being. The SDGs and inclusive economic development in member nations are two goals that AATB wants to further through this Programme and related initiatives.

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