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Are the good times over for startups?

Are the good times over for startups?

Sources we spoke with say although funding deals are still being made, valuations are sinking and some companies are reevaluating their fundraising efforts amid a maelstrom of geopolitical tensions, inflation, expected interest rate hikes, and a seemingly never-ending pandemic.

Connecteam raises $120M as deskless workforces get more tools

A majority of jobs—from professions in health care to construction and manufacturing—are not tied to desks. Venture investors seem to think there’s a case for management tools more customized for these workforces. That appears to be the rationale for a $120 million Series C round for New York-headquartered Connecteam, provider of an app and customizable technology for managing deskless teams.

Carbon marketplace raises $50M from Benioff, others

NCX, a startup that aims to cut greenhouse emissions by paying landowners to not cut down trees and selling the resulting carbon offsets to companies, raised $50 million from a high-profile roster of investors including Marc Benioff’s investment fund and J.P. Morgan.

Ford doubles down on electric vehicles with company reorganization

Ford will reorganize the production of electric vehicles and internal-combustion engine vehicles into separate units within the Detroit-based company. Like other legacy automakers, the company is pouring billions of dollars into backing EV startups and developing its own electric vehicles.

Startups innovate to mend broken supply chains

Two years into the pandemic, we still find everything from microchips to lunch meats in short supply. But several startups are taking cutting-edge approaches to not only help global supply chains recover to where they were in 2019, but also to enhance those frail networks, writes Jason Williamson, who leads the Oracle for Startups program.

Track the most valuable private companies with the new Unicorn Board

Keep tabs on the most valuable private companies globally with The Crunchbase Unicorn Board. Our new leaderboard is updated daily and tracks private companies as they reach unicorn status.

8 techniques to master virtual selling

Virtual selling is here to stay. Whether you are well-versed in sales or are relatively new to the game, this article dives into eight techniques you need to know to master virtual selling so you can sell more effectively to a wider audience.

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