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Attend the 2nd Edition of Affordable Housing Investment Summit in Lagos May 27-28

Being mindful of the affordable housing trends and challenges, GBB is all set to present the 2nd Edition Affordable Housing Investment Summit which is scheduled to take place on 27th& 28th May 2020 at Lagos Continental Hotel, Lagos,Nigeria.

The event is aimed at connecting the relevant Government Bodies, Investors, Financial Consultants, REITs, Private Equity Firms, Developers, Project Owners, Architects, and Solution Providers to collaborate towards finding innovative yet effective solutions to the current housing crisis in Africa.

Affordable Housing

With 300+ delegates, 60+ renowned speakers, 50+ investors and 20+ solution providers attending the event, the AHIS Summit is bound tostand out in the absolute best way.

Impactful knowledge sessions with thought leaders of the industry will throw light on some of the factors that need to be addressed to get a better view of the financial and administrative challenges associated with affordable housing and tackle them effectively.

Some of the key topics such as The Investment Dynamics of Affordable Housing, Hurdles to Development and Ways to Tackle Them, Innovation & Affordable Housing, Building Africa’s Most Affordable Homes, and many more like these would be covered by renowned speakers like Debra Erb,ZomunodaChizura, Mustapha Nije, Robert Hornsby, Mathew Ndote, Femi Adewole, Sam Odia and the likes of them.

To know more, visit or contact GBB at [email protected].

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