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 Autochek appoints Robert Granados to its board

In order to assist its continuous growth and expansion, Robert Granados, a veteran of the US automotive industry and pioneer in that sector, has been added to the board of directors of Autochek, a Nigerian startup that makes automobile ownership more accessible and inexpensive throughout Africa.

Robert has more than two decades of expertise in running and expanding technology businesses that are devoted to offering solutions for the value chain of the automobile sector. He presently serves as the CEO of CloudOne, a marketing firm that aids auto dealers in locating and interacting with customers.

He oversaw several departments of DealerTrack Technologies while serving as senior vice president and general manager, including the financing and lender networks, inventory management and shipping, CRM, and independent dealer websites. After Cox Automotive Inc., the industry pioneer in the provision of automotive solutions, acquired DealerTrack Technologies, he worked there as Senior Vice President, Strategy, where he evaluated potential new growth markets, the expansion of existing business offerings, and the efficiency of existing goods and services.

He was the chief executive officer of the automotive portfolio at SNH Capital Partners, where he also held the position of operating partner. The automotive portfolio consisted of National Credit Center, the top supplier of comprehensive data, software, and marketing solutions to US dealerships, and ProMax, the top software supplier to retail automotive dealers, which offers commendable CRM, desking, website, credit, and lead generation solutions. In addition, he served as CEO of MAX Digital, a well-known platform for inventory management and merchandising in the automobile industry, helping the business through a successful exit in 2021.

With his extensive experience, he will help Autochek integrate the Pan-African automobile sector and create shared value for stakeholders such as customers, manufacturers, and financial institutions.

In order to help car dealers, financial institutions, and other participants in Africa’s automotive ecosystem improve credit decisioning, collections, pricing, portfolio management, product creation, and customer experience, Autochek offers best-in-class technology and advisory solutions.

Since its introduction in 2020, Autochek has accelerated the adoption of auto-finance throughout Africa by facilitating increased access to financing options for businesses and consumers in North, West, East, and South Africa. The business has processed more than 80,000 vehicle loan applications in less than two years of business by collaborating with more than 70 financial institutions and more than 2,000 dealerships. The company, which originates vehicle loans using data analytics to make it simpler for financial institutions to extend credit to customers, takes use of the extensive reach of its online marketplace.

We are thrilled to have someone of Robert’s calibre on our board with his significant experience from the most advanced automotive markets in the world,” stated Etop Ikpe, CEO of The Autochek Group. We look forward to using his experience to support our company’s continued growth. He was a key player in the development of numerous successful automotive technology startups.

Robert Granados stated, “I am happy to be supporting Etop and the team to make car ownership more accessible and cheap. There is a big possibility to impact lives and livelihoods throughout Africa. In such a short time, Autochek has experienced such success, and I think there is still so much more to come

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