Autochek expands operations to Ghana

Nigeria’s automotive startup Autochek has expanded its operations to Ghana. Building on the work Cheki Ghana (acquired by Autochek in September 2020) has done over the last decade, the technology company is combining technology and data to create a single marketplace for car sales, car loans and car repairs in Ghana.

Consumers in Ghana can now buy cars and access car loans via the Autochek app or website, knowing that every listed car has undergone a 150-point inspection process. The inspection service can also be used for cars outside the Autochek network. Autochek will also enable more effective sourcing and affordable car loans, as well as car repairs and warranties.

Autochek has also onboarded auto dealers and auto workshops from across the country who can now rely on consistent leads that have been filtered to validate their interest. Car owners can book maintenance and repairs via the app and the website with the confidence that their cars will be in the hands of standardised workshops and technicians from Autochek’s partner network. By focussing on the needs of both customers and dealers, Autochek is building an ecosystem of solutions that will deliver an unrivalled customer experience.

Ghana’s automotive industry has experienced significant change as a result of the 2019 Ghana Automotive Development Policy which aims to attract investment into the industry, encourage local manufacturing and make affordable vehicles more readily available. With more cars being built locally, there is an opportunity to create more jobs and improve technical expertise in the automotive industry in Ghana and across Africa.

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“We are excited to be in Ghana and to be part of the ecosystem. The government is doing a lot of great work to support the automotive industry but there is also a need to make sure that vehicles meet a certain standard before they are bought or sold locally. This is where we hope to bring our expertise to create an effective and efficient marketplace for everybody.” Etop Ikpe, CEO and co-founder of Autochek said. 

“We have also seen an increase in demand for tech-enabled solutions as people and businesses respond to the COVID-19 pandemic and the challenges that have come with it. This tech-enabled approach will enable a better customer experience and facilitate transparency and ease of doing business, which in turn translates to increase in transactions and more efficient business operations.” Ikpe added.

Yvonne Ahlie, Head of Business Operations (Ghana) at Autochek, added that “The automotive industry in Ghana is one of the most advanced in Africa but there is still some work to be done, especially with regards to the day to day experience for consumers, dealers and workshops. The fragmentation of the industry means most players are operating in silos and are not able to reap the full benefits of what the market has to offer. There is also a dearth of comprehensive data that dealers and workshops can use to underpin business decisions and this is impacting their performance. This is where Autochek will make a difference by combining data and technology to transform the automotive transaction ecosystem and enable excellence across the value chain.”

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Over the next year, Autochek aims to onboard more than 500 dealers and workshops across various cities in Ghana, making it easier for Ghanaians across the country to access the automotive services they need.

Autochek is an automotive technology company established to build digital solutions targeted at enhancing and enabling automotive commerce across Africa. The company aims to transform the automotive buying and selling experience for Africa consumers with its apps and digital solutions.

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