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Bamboo Systems Technology Limited obtains digital broker license from SEC

The Nigerian Securities & Exchange Commission (SEC) has given Bamboo Systems Technology Limited (“Bamboo”) a digital sub-broker license, enabling it to conduct business in the Nigerian capital market and list Nigerian securities on its platform. Bamboo is the top online brokerage in Africa.

Bamboo’s license from the SEC allows it to work with other brokers to better serve its clients while also ensuring that Lambeth Capital, its sponsoring broker, is under SEC supervision. Bamboo will be able to expand its connections with financial service providers thanks to the license in order to offer its API services.

Bamboo is concentrated on upholding best procedures and supplying retail investors with the opportunity to trade regional securities on the Nigerian Exchange Group.

Bamboo started the difficult application procedure for the SEC’s new digital sub-broker license in 2021. This included a careful analysis of its financial situation and governance structure.

We are overjoyed to have accomplished this significant goal and are totally dedicated to upholding our responsibilities as a licensed digital broker. Since Bamboo’s founding, we have worked tirelessly to offer the best technological solutions, supported by industry best practices, so that Nigerian retail investors can access an unheard-of variety of digital assets and amass lasting wealth. Richmond Bassey, CEO and co-founder of Bamboo, said, “We are grateful for our partnership with the SEC, which has demonstrated its commitment to safeguard investors while fostering innovation.

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