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Bantoo, a new innovative digital platform launched for the growing Afro-Caribbean market

Top African and Caribbean influencers and entrepreneurs have joined the Bantoo ( movement as proud Ambassadors of the new digital platform and communication tool Bantoo that is being launched worldwide on 8 March 2022.

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“As an African citizen and entrepreneur, I’m very proud to be part of the development of the new tool Bantoo that is made to empower Africans and to strengthen the afro communities around the globe.” says Emma Lohoues, one of Africa’s most influential women with over 6 million followers on social media. 

Bantoo is a unique 360-degree solution bringing together social media and communication tools with holistic entertainment, including VOD, video sharing, music streaming and content sales as well as new payment solutions and premier e-commerce sites. 

The Bantoo social media platform regroups all different services and allows users to create their personalized profile, share content and develop their interest into a money-making business with a global reach. Users can access local services such as taxi and food delivery as well as global services such as e-health, payment services and a diverse selection of entertainment.

Multiple tools are available for individuals and companies to easily develop their activities digitally. Bantoo users have access to data and analytics of their content. These valuable assets can be promoted and monetized on the platform and direct payments can be received instantly via the integrated Bantoo payment system. 

Africa has the highest entrepreneurship rate in the world, with 22% of Africa’s working age population starting businesses. The African youth is growing rapidly and account for 19% of the global youth population. At the same time, the mobile phone penetration is skyrocketing throughout Sub-Saharan Africa, which makes Bantoo a hotspot for entrepreneurship and innovation. 

The influential African diaspora and the flourishing trend-setting African-Caribbean communities around the world adds an important value to Bantoo. Through the e-commerce section Bantoo Market, consumers can buy products from around the globe while creators and producers can develop new outlets to sell their goods in the entire world. Major international brands are accessible together with new trending products sold by smaller producers. 

The Bantoo mobile app is available on App Store, Google Store and Huawei AppGallery. It offers free communication through top-quality video calls, with the option of setting multi-participant video conferences. Voice calls, text messages, content creation and sharing as well as entertaining filters are integrated and easy to use.


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