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Barcelona FC remains most valuable football club in the World

Despite its struggles and not making it to the semi finals of the ongoing UEFA champions league, Barcelona FC remains the World most valuable club at $4.76 billion , ahead of Real Madrid, Bayern and Manchester United.

Manchester United have dropped to fourth place in the global rich list, complied by Forbes, as clubs from the Premier League dominate the top 20 most valuable clubs.

Despite reporting severe financial issues and debt, Barcelona sit in top spot for the first time with a value of $4.76 billion as they just pipped bitter rivals Real Madrid who slipped from top spot to second.

Latest Premier League news

Manchester United have a value of $4.2 billion, with Bayern Munich just ahead of them and Liverpool just behind them in fifth at $4.1 billion. Man United have been in top spot for 11 of the last 16 years, and were in third in the last rankings.

According to the release from Forbes, the value of Liverpool has rocketed in the past two years by 88 percent. That comes after Jurgen Klopp’s side won the UEFA Champions League and then the Premier League in back-to-back seasons.

“The world’s 20 most valuable soccer teams are worth an average of $2.28 billion apiece, an increase of 30% from two years ago, the last time we published the ranking,” Forbes said in a statement. “The jump comes despite a decline in revenue caused by limited attendance during the pandemic, with buyers focused on what they see as still untapped revenue potential in the sport’s massive global following.”

PSG have the biggest two-year increase in the top 20, at 129 percent, while Dortmund are second on that metric at 112 percent.

Nine of the top 20 clubs are from the Premier League, with three from Spain, four from Italy, two from Germany and one team from France and Holland.

Below is the list of the top 20 in full.

List of most valuable teams

1) Barcelona – $4.76 billion
2) Real Madrid – $4.75 billion
3) Bayern Munich – $4.215 billion
4) Manchester United – $4.2 billion
5) Liverpool – $4.1 billion
6) Manchester City – $4 billion
7) Chelsea – $3.2 billion
8) Arsenal – $2.88 billion
9) Paris Saint-Germain – $2.5 billion
10) Tottenham – $2.3 billion
11) Juventus – $2 billion
12) Borussia Dortmund – $1.9 billion
13) Atletico Madrid – $1 billion
14) Inter Milan – $743 million
15) Everton – $658 million
16) AC Milan – $559 million
17) AS Roma – $548 million
18) West Ham – $508 million
19) Leicester – $455 million
20) Ajax – $413 million

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