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Bolt taxi ride hailing introduces multiple destinations feature

Ride-hailing app Bolt has introduced a new feature in its mobile application, allowing users to add extra stops to their rides.

The ability to add multiple destinations will be available for the customers with the latest version of the Bolt App. Customers searching for their required destination will see a small plus sign on the right side of the address box. They will need to tap on the ‘+’ to create an additional stop to their ride. Customers can have up to three stops in a single ride, the last one being the final destination on their journey.

“We continue to offer quality services that suits the needs of our esteemed customers.Our core business is to provide convenient, safe and affordable transportation services to everyone and we are excited to make travel easier and convenient to our customers,” said Ola Akinnusi, Country manager- Kenya.

The new feature enables passengers to see prices up-front for the rides that include several stops. The driver will see the route with all the stops on the map of his Bolt driver app after the ride has been started. 

The feature will be rolled out gradually to Bolt users on Android and iOS this month.

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