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Bridge for Billions launches Global Investors Network to connect entrepreneurs with investment opportunities

Bridge for Billions has launched its Global Investors Network, which aims to help make the investment ecosystem accessible to all promising purpose-driven ventures. This network offers the opportunity to connect entrepreneurs with the training and investment opportunities they need to reach their goals.

The new initiative includes an online global Investment Bootcamp Series with leaders from the investment ecosystem who will share their advice with entrepreneurs. The first of these series is divided into four different workshops and will take place during this month.

Allison Nixon and Sean Siegrist, Associates at Village Capital, will talk about how to target the right investors, identify weaknesses, and plan how to level up. The next session, hosted by Sebastian Molina Gasman, Investment Analyst at Seedstars, will focus on developing a fundraising strategy, where early-stage founders looking for investment will go through key aspects such as how does fundraising work or when to raise capital.  

Bridge for Billions Investors’ Network will continue with the workshop of Mélanie KEÏTA, Cofounder at Melanin Kapital, where early-stage startups in emerging countries will learn about how they can find the right public-private funding ecosystem and leverage on non-for-profit and for-profit funding. The last session, conducted by Judy Mahan, Cofounder at AngelGen, will put the focus on understanding entrepreneurs’ first investment, evaluation and the use of funds. 

For early-stage startups, Bridge for Billions’ Global Investors Network says is not only about connecting and getting exposure to investment opportunities but allowing early stage founders to access education on fundraising and the preparation they need before even entering the radar of investors. They will be able to learn from resources, tips and masterclasses, and test the viability of their business in just 3 months through The Leap, one of Bridge for Billions’ incubation programs. 

On the other hand, investors will have the possibility to connect with a community of over 1700 pre-seed and seed stage startups from different regions and across all sectors of innovation. They can also join as mentors during the incubation program to spot early innovation and support entrepreneurs right from the start of their journey.

“Still today most of the world’s entrepreneurs face huge challenges accessing early-stage capital. The so-called talent gap is one of the key factors that the finance gap still exists today, it’s a chicken-egg situation. From Bridge for Billions, we are directly addressing the talent gap, providing access to business training and mentoring for early-stage entrepreneurs. Today we are taking a step forward in the next challenge but we need the entire investment community to help us resolve it”, Pablo Santaeufemia, CEO and co-founder of Bridge for Billions said.

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