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Call for Applications: Open Mapping Mini-Grants from The Open Data Day (ODD)

The Open Data Day (ODD) is currently accepting applications for the Open Mapping Mini-Grants. These grants aim to support organizations that are hosting open mapping events and activities worldwide. The focus of this call is to promote events related to open mapping, which includes the use and promotion of geodata, mapathons, environmental monitoring, disaster response, community mapping, land productivity analysis, and more.

Funding Information:
Thanks to the sponsorship of Humanitarian OpenStreetMap (HOT), a total of 8 open mapping events will be supported with a grant amount of USD 300 each.

Eligibility Criteria:
This call is open to all registered organizations across the world that are interested in hosting in-person open data events and activities in their respective countries. Individual applications will not be accepted, and virtual or online events are not eligible.

The supported events should take place during the Open Data Day, which is from 2nd to 8th March 2024. Additionally, the events must be registered on the Open Data Day website. To be considered for a mini-grant, the event must align with this year’s thematic focus of “Open Data for Advancing Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).”

It’s important to note that the mini-grants cannot be used to fund government events. The grant payment will be transferred to the successful grantees after their event takes place, and the Open Knowledge Foundation team receives a draft blog post about the event.

The organising committee responsible for evaluating the submitted events consists of one representative from each sponsoring organisation mentioned above, along with representatives from Open Knowledge Ghana and Open Knowledge Nepal. The applications will undergo a blind review process and will be scored based on the following criteria:

  1. Alignment with the thematic focus of Open Data Day 2024.
  2. Diversity in terms of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), geography, gender, and types of activities.
  3. Novelty and creativity of the proposal.
  4. Community aspect, specifically the extent to which the proposal promotes community involvement, especially at the local level.
  5. Feasibility of the proposed activity and the level of commitment demonstrated by the organisers in their proposal.

Organisations participating in Open Data Day for the first time will receive an additional point, as will those that have not previously received mini-grants in past editions of the event.

The winning organisations will be contacted starting from the 19th of February. The official announcement of the grantees will be made on the 26th of February. For further details, please visit the Open Data Day website.

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