Call for Entries in FastCompany’s Brands That Matter awards

Fast Company is pleased to announce that applications are now being accepted for the fourth annual Brands That Matter awards. Our objective is to highlight the brands that excel in establishing emotional connections and effectively communicating their purpose, all while remaining culturally relevant. The honorees of Brands That Matter genuinely embody not only a mission, but also a heart and soul that aligns with the values and aspirations of their customers.

In an exciting development this year, we are introducing the inaugural CMOs of the Year distinction. This accolade will recognize the leaders whose vision and creativity have had the most profound and influential impact on our cultural landscape. Additionally, we are thrilled to introduce the Heritage Brands category, which pays tribute to the brands that have successfully navigated modern culture while maintaining a timeless and classical style over an extended period of time.

Brand Exposure. Be seen and evaluated by Fast Company editors and reporters
Publicity – Appear in the Winter issue of Fast Company and on fastcompany.com
Recognition – Speaking opportunities at Fast Company events and exclusive invitations to influencer-only events
Exclusivity – Gain entry into this bold community of creative thinkers and professionals

There are 7 categories. Entries are judged on timeliness, relevance, cultural and business impact, clarity, and ingenuity. Multiple honorees will be named in each category.
General Excellence  NEW 
The most culturally-relevant brands with no specific category restrictions. APPLY NOW
Heritage Brands
Iconic brands that stand the test of time through a long-standing ability to navigate modern culture, while retaining a classic style. APPLY NOW
Family of Brands  NEW 
More than a parent company, but stewards of the brands we love. These are companies that steer a portfolio of individual brands that stand strong on their own, but are a cultural powerhouse as a collection APPLY NOW
Global Brands That Matter
Brands based outside of the United States that have achieved relevance in their home markets through cultural impact and social engagement APPLY NOW

United States Brands That Matter
Brands based in the United States that have achieved relevance in their home markets through cultural impact and social engagement APPLY NOW
Years in Business
Be recognized as a Brand That Matters within your company’s years in businessOn the Rise: 0-4 Years in Business
Established Excellence: 5-14 Years in Business
Enduring Impact: 15+ Years in Business APPLY NOW
CMOs of the Year
The marketing executives who inspires and advances the role brands can play in culture. APPLY NOW

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