Calling Tech Startups in Edo State: Apply for the Innovation Challenge and the Inclusion-Focused Support Programs ($20,000 grant)

CcHub is thrilled to share the news of the collaboration with the Edo State Government to launch an incredible startup initiative, made possible with the valuable support of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. This initiative has a remarkable goal of strengthening the digital solutions ecosystem in Edo State by fostering innovation and entrepreneurship.

Through two distinct programs, we will be providing sub-grant support to 50 startups.

  • The first program, called Inclusion-Focused Support, is specifically designed for 30 diverse startups with underrepresented founders and teams, particularly women. Each of these startups will receive $10,000 in funding to fuel their growth and success.
  • The second program, known as the Innovation Challenge, is aimed at 20 tech startups with groundbreaking ideas and products that address the unique needs and challenges of the Edo State market. These startups will receive $20,000 in funding each, enabling them to enhance and expand their operations.

Application Link

  • If you know of any tech startups within your network that are operating in Edo State and could greatly benefit from our support, we kindly ask you to spread the word and encourage these promising ventures to apply. They can find the application link at https://bit.ly/EDOSTATEDIGITALECOSYSTEM.
  • The application process began on January 12, 2024, and will conclude on February 12, 2024. For additional information about this incredible opportunity, startups can also register for an informative session taking place on February 19, 2024.

Information Session

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