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CashToken Rewards Africa rewards Nigerians with CashTokens worth about $10 million and set for global expansion

After five years of impacting lives and businesses in the country, CashToken Rewards Africa Limited (, the Nigerian RewardTech company that has revolutionized reward, is looking to expand its unique, socially responsible business model to other parts of Africa in order to help businesses succeed and lift millions out of poverty.

The fact that the pilot phase of its Universal Gamification of Sales and Consumer Rewards Program (UGSCRP) has provided consumers of goods and services with potentially life-changing cash rewards for purchases made across multiple businesses has encouraged the company to expand internationally. The program has benefited organizations’ companies, raised consumers’ private economies, and supported the economic growth of countries where it is currently in operation, demonstrating its ability to bring about wealth redistribution for poverty alleviation on the continent.

In just five years, CashToken Rewards Africa has awarded almost one million Nigerians with CashTokens worth around $10 million through the UGSCRP. During this time, it has also collaborated with over 2,000 Nigerian firms. A new agreement it has just formed with the Nigerian government to develop a nationwide reward program would allow Nigerians across the country to get cash incentives on all transactions, whether products or services.

A $100 million commitment from the Global Emerging Market will enable the company’s worldwide expansion, which will span Sub-Saharan Africa. The program’s success in Ghana, Cote D’ivoire, Uganda, Kenya, and Tanzania, as well as shops across Africa offering CashToken rewards to customers, demonstrates the influence it will have on the continent.

According to Lai Labode, Chief Executive Officer of CashToken Rewards Africa Limited, preparations for the company’s listing on the Nigerian Exchange Limited and the New York Stock Exchange are well underway. This would instill confidence and trust in customers as well as investors.

In addition to enhancing the fortunes of manufacturers and service providers and increasing consumer wealth, the company is set to promote itself as a viable investment choice for potential investors.

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