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Cenergy Solutions’ ANG Biogas System Demonstrated to Thai Villages with Great Success

Sri Beaubarn Village in Lamphoon, Thailand demonstrates their Cenergy ANG biogas distribution system to surrounding villages.  Cenergy’s ANG system showed how neighboring villages could capture, store and utilize biogas that is currently being flared.
August 21, 2019 – Cenergy Solutions, a US-based company, successfully showcased biogas that is being wasted by venting and flaring can be used to replace LPG and biomass burning. Trillions of cubic feet of biogas and wellhead gas is vented and flared each year throughout the world and Cenergy’s adsorbent natural gas technology can help to economically capture, store and utilize this gas.
Thai Village Demonstrating their ANG Biogas System
Cenergy Solutions, CEO, Gary Fanger says, “This Village has been venting their biogas made from pig farms for the last 30 years. Cenergy’s ANG biogas system allows them to clean, capture and use the gas for cooking in their village and have enough left over to sell to the neighboring community. This model will not only help Thai Villages but farming communities around the world become energy independent and utilize renewable energy instead of wasting it.”
Cenergy Solutions is making advances in many areas to help the distribution of biogas for remote communities around the world. Cenergy has designed an inexpensive roller system to allow their ANG tanks to be easily transported to and from the clients. They have also worked with SCG, Co. LTD to design and manufacture manifolds and regulators to be used with ANG systems. These regulators consistently deliver optimal pressure and flow of biogas that deliver a hot cooking flame that is appreciated by the users. Biogas cooking does away with the smell and after taste of cooking with LPG or biomass, making it a preferred renewable energy source for cooking.
Cenergy Solutions is also making technical advances to economically clean biogas for safe use in homes and commercial settings. This cleaned gas can be moved in small ANG tanks or large ANG tank trailers depending on the needs of the clients.
ANG tank trailers are now available worldwide.

Cenergy Solutions systems to store, transport and utilize natural and biogas at low pressures with ANG tanks are available internationally.

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