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Cenergy Solutions Announces the Conversion of the 1st ANG Vehicle in India and Joint Venture with APPL Industries Ltd

Cenergy Solutions, a leader in low pressure adsorbent natural gas (ANG) technology has partnered with the Indian based APPL Industries Ltd to form APPL-Cenergy Solutions in India. The Joint Venture Company has successfully set up an ANG Test and Demonstration Facility in Pune, India.

Fremont, California, September 10, 2018 – Cenergy Solutions announced today their joint venture, APPL-Cenergy Solutions in India. Cenergy Solutions is honored to be partnered with APPL Industries a large manufacturing firm that has a reputation of delivering timely and quality products to OEMs and other industries throughout the world. The APPL-Cenergy Solutions joint venture successfully opened an ANG test and demonstration facility in Pune, India. This facility will demonstrate how ANG technology allows for the economic, storage, transport and utilization of biogas. The joint venture will also be exploring the storage and transportation of wellhead gas that is stranded from natural gas pipelines.

The APPL-Cenergy Solutions facility is now actively testing and demonstrating the use of ANG technology to fuel test vehicles and other natural gas appliances. A new digester has been installed and CNG tanks have been converted to ANG tanks to showcase the low pressure and high storage capacity of ANG technology at the facility.  The mission of the new facility is to demonstrate that natural gas and biogas captured by ANG can be easily stored, transported and used for many applications. The digester will get its food waste from one of APPL Industries’ factories and turn the waste into biogas that will be used to fuel the Hyundai ANG test vehicle, cooking stoves, water heaters, wall heaters and generators. The new facility is also converting a 2-wheeler and a rickshaw to ANG natural and biogas tanks by October 2018. The natural and biogas that is used at this facility will be compressed with Cenergy Solutions’ CS-180 ANG automated compressor that can fill ANG tanks 24/7.


Gary Fanger, CEO of Cenergy Solutions said, “Cenergy Solutions with their new partner APPL Industries will be able to bring safe, inexpensive and in most cases renewable energy to homes and business across India to replace gasoline, diesel, LPG and biomass fuels. Utilizing otherwise wasted renewable biogas that is abundant in India will make life easier for their citizens and help to stimulate jobs and business across the country”. India has over 1.3 billion people and supplying them energy is difficult and expensive. Cenergy Solutions’ patented low pressure ANG systems will make it easier and less expensive to deliver energy to this vast country.


Trillions of cubic meters of natural and biogas is vented or flared around the world each year which is wasting a valuable and renewable energy that could help to improve our environment and bring needed energy to millions of people. It is now economical to capture and utilize this gas with the reduced cost and pressure requirements of the ANG technology. APPL-Cenergy Solutions is dedicated to rolling out ANG technology to India and their region of the world.

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