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Cenergy Solutions Opens ANG Filling Station in Thailand to Store and use Biogas

Cenergy Solutions, a US-based corporation, announced today that it completed the installation of their first ANG Biogas Cleaning, Storing and Utilization System at a pig farm in Thailand that has been venting biogas for over 30 years. The biogas is cleaned with Cenergy’s Biogas Upgrading System, compressed in the CS-180 compressor which fills Cenergy’s ANG tanks. The captured and cleaned biogas in these ANG tanks will be used to replace LPG usage in neighboring homes. This Thai farm can now utilize renewable energy to help their community be energy independent and generate income.

Village Governing Board & Digester Engineer

The 11,200 cubic feet of biogas that was previously vented into the atmosphere each day can now give 1,400 homes enough gas to cook with each day. The village also received a government grant to bring biogas from neighboring farms which will almost double their biogas distribution. Gary Fanger, Cenergy’s CEO/CTO said, “There are millions of farms releasing biogas around the world, it is harmful to our environment and wasting a valuable resource. This includes the biogas that could be produced and utilized from farms, wastewater treatment plants and landfills. In the past it was too expensive to clean and store this biogas but that has now changed with Cenergy Solutions’ patented low pressure Adsorbent Natural Gas System that can store and help utilize this wasted renewable energy”.

Local Businessmen, Government Officials, Gary Fanger, Cenergy CEO and Ken Sawdang, Cenergy Asian Director

On the first day biogas was being stored and utilized the facility was visited by local government officials, business owners and locals that were excited about the prospects of utilizing the biogas that had been wasted for so many years. Businessmen wanted to put in an order for a system for their biogas digesters and a local food vendor made lunch by cooking with Cenergy’s ANG tank filled with biogas from the village farm.

Local Thai Food Vendor

Cenergy Solutions’ patented Biogas Capture and Utilization System (BCU System) can economically compress and store biogas in low pressure ANG tanks to be efficiently distributed to rural areas that are now cooking with LPG, wood, or other biomass that is harmful to individuals and our environment. ANG tanks that are similar in size and weight to LPG tanks can be filled with cleaned biogas to be used in place of LPG in almost any propane appliance or application. Cenergy’s BCU System is dependable, easy to set up, and can save money and generate income while helping the environment and communities with their energy needs.

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