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Cenergy Solutions signs agreements with Independent Oil & Gas Company and Natural Gas Marketer to Distribute Wellhead Gas

Cenergy Solutions has agreed with Harvest Petroleum, Inc. to capture and transport their wellhead gas from capped wells and oil fields that are now flaring gas. Cenergy Solutions will move the gas in their Patented ANG Tank Trailers and Tiger Natural Gas will sell the gas to their customers in 13 states.
October 1, 2019 – Cenergy Solutions, a US-based company, signed agreements with Harvest Petroleum and Tiger Natural Gas to utilize the natural gas that is now being wasted or unused from stranded gas and oil wells. Harvest Petroleum has wells in Northern and Southern California and other states that have been stranded for many years. Cenergy Solutions’ ANG Tank Trailers will give Harvest Petroleum the ability to capture and transport the gas. Tiger Natural Gas a natural gas marketing company that sells gas in 13 states, will sell the once wasted gas to their business clients in several states. Tiger Natural Gas will also sell biogas that will be transported in Cenergy’s ANG trailers from farms, wastewater treatment plants and landfills that have been flaring the biogas in the past.

“Harvest is optimistic regarding monetizing our stranded gas in a number of locations in California. This technology can be duplicated for other producers, given the right equation of gas supply and demand from end-users” according to Bob Harvey, President and Owner of Harvest Petroleum, Inc. Flared Wellhead Gas in California “Tiger Natural Gas is excited for the opportunity to provide this patented game changing option to our clients. There is no reason to waste our precious natural resources and this technology will allow for the economical capture of resources currently being wasted or underutilized. That is good for our customers on all sides and the environment. It also provides a way for current or potential customers to cut the cord with the utility company and no longer be bound by an archaic and expensive infrastructure system. There are so many options with this technology and the future is bright!” states Johnathan Burris, Executive Vice President of Tiger Natural Gas.

Cenergy Solutions is determined to capture and transport the natural gas and biogas that is now being flared around the world to help meet the needs of energy for homes and businesses. It does not make sense to see our natural resources go up in smoke when it could be used to operate vehicles, run generators, boilers or used for heating and cooking. Gary Fanger, CEO of Cenergy Solutions said, “We are excited about teaming up with Harvest Petroleum and Tiger Natural Gas to help meet the energy needs of our country. These two busiensses are the missing links to obtain and utilize stranded natural gas and biogas that can be transorted to the end user. The amount of natural gas and biogas that is being flared in the US is staggering and it is a crime to waste it. We can now safely and economically store, transport and utilize this gas.”
Oroville, CA Biogas Plant with ANG Tank Cenergy’s ANG Tank Trailer was assembled at Jarco’s plant in Salem, IL with Cenergy’s patented ANG system. This system gives the ANG Tank Trailer the ability to store and transport up to 110,000 cubic feet of natural gas and biogas at 250 psi. The low pressure allows for rapid decanting of the ANG Tank Trailer making it easier and less expensive to offload the gas. The low pressure also allows for filling from natural gas transmission lines or well heads using their existing pressure or to be filled with compressors that are less expensive to buy or to operate compared to other options.

Cenergy Solutions also has stationary low pressure (250 psi) ANG tanks available that can store up to 1 million cubic feet of natural gas or biogas. These low pressure tanks are much more economical than the high pressure CNG tanks that are now being used for natural gas storage. Cenergy Solutions’ stationary ANG tanks range in sizes of 1,000 to 1 million scf of natural gas and biogas storage. This difference in cost makes it possible for many remote locations to store and use the biogas currently being vented or flared.
Cenergy Solutions’ ANG systems to store, transport and utilize natural and biogas at low pressures are available in the US and internationally.

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