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Chipper Cash Launches AI Verification Suite Chipper ID

Chipper ID, an AI-powered suite of verification services designed to solve industry-wide client onboarding and compliance concerns in the African market, has been introduced by Nigerian fintech startup Chipper Cash.

Chipper ID was created to address Know Your Customer (KYC) difficulties across the African continent, such as ID verification, which is frequently hampered by mobile issues, and subpar KYC solutions to protect against pipeline losses and inauthentic users.

“Chipper ID is here to revolutionize online identity and verification through innovative AI technology for businesses serving the African market,” said Ham Serunjogi, CEO and Co-Founder of Chipper Cash. Chipper ID has been specifically built to address Africa’s unique concerns, delivering a secure and trusted solution tailored to businesses operating across the continent.”

“Over the years, we’ve seen lackluster verification solutions on the African continent as a result of many tools being built for the Western world.” Faced with these issues, we began to lay the groundwork for Chipper ID, a solution we currently employ in our own firm that has saved us millions of dollars, decreased fraud, and produced superior results in onboarding and verification.

“KYC checks are critical in the onboarding process for new customers and are one of the most difficult challenges that financially regulated companies face.” This is why our team of in-house experts focused on thorough verification using Chipper ID to create a trusted solution designed specifically for the continent.”

“Over the years, we have

Chipper ID aims to address typical compliance concerns such as expensive vendor solutions that are not specialized to the African market, siloed screening data, increasing global rules, and false positives by leveraging artificial intelligence to improve the accuracy and efficiency of data gathering and processing.

“Artificial Intelligence is a central pillar for Chipper,” stated Samee Zahid, Director of Engineering at Chipper Cash. From constructing an in-house analyst bot to mapping transactional risk trends, we are continually inventing and placing AI at the heart of our products. AI has a significant opportunity in the financial services sector, and it is an essential aspect of Chipper ID’s verification operations.”

“Chipper ID leverages state-of-the-art AI technology to verify users and supercharge the onboarding of new customers, faster than ever and with greater accuracy.”

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