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Clickatell Launches Chat Commerce Platform as a Service (CCPaaS)

The world’s first Chat Commerce Platform as a Service (CCPaaS) has been launched by Clickatell, a leader in mobile messaging and chat commerce innovation (, enabling brands to take advantage of chat commerce, the burgeoning next wave of digital commerce. With the help of this innovative platform, companies can communicate, collaborate, and conduct business with their clients on the messaging services they already use. The first Chat shopping Platform as a Service from Clickatell will launch in April 2023 and enable comprehensive, authorized shopping experiences within the most extensively used mobile messaging environments, including WhatsApp, Apple Messages, SMS, and USSD.

Businesses can now develop chat commerce experiences that boost sales and customer happiness thanks to the latest iteration of Clickatell’s chat commerce platform. By engaging in conversational commerce within the most popular messaging platforms, businesses stay ahead of the curve. By offering their customers safe payment capabilities and relevant, in-context brand experiences through the ease of messaging, Clickatell’s CCPaaS also enables businesses to save time and cut expenses. Card tokenization and WhatsApp Commerce integration, two new platform capabilities that enable the display of product details and photographs on the brand’s WhatsApp channel, are also available.

New and Innovative Chat Payments

By integrating with top payment gateways, CCPaaS is the first SaaS solution to offer secure payment processing, enabling businesses to quickly conduct transactions within the chat interface. With card tokenization, customers may safely make payments through links in any messaging platform. These links take customers to a Clickatell-hosted checkout where their payment information is tokenized and saved for later use, making repeat transactions easier for the customer with “one tap pay.” The platform complies with the highest security requirements for data protection and privacy, including PCI-DSS, ISO27001, and SOC2.

According to Pieter de Villiers, CEO and Co-Founder of Clickatell, “the introduction of our company’s Chat Commerce Platform as a Service marks a critical milestone in our company’s ambition to transform consumer engagement and enable frictionless commerce through chat apps. We manage our lives using messaging applications; booking a school pickup or planning a lunch with a friend is easy and convenient.

Our new platform enables our favorite businesses to provide us with a comprehensive commerce experience on these messaging channels, such as booking your next ticket and paying for a seat upgrade. The first of its type, CCPaaS solidifies Clickatell’s leadership position in the sector and establishes a new benchmark for chat commerce. By using our SMS Gateway, we were the first company to link the internet, the world’s fastest-growing e-commerce platform, with mobile phones, the world’s fastest-growing communications platform, in 2000. I am pleased to see that our staff is continuing to innovate and carry out the strategy.

For customers’ needs, simple CCPaaS packaging

The CCPaaS service from Clickatell is available in three different packages:

( Clickatell Connect Communication Packet

Connect is the base package that enables companies to use a RESTful API or a web-based campaign management tool to send and receive enterprise-grade mobile messages through a variety of messaging channels. Delivering high-volume services and campaigns while upholding stringent security and compliance standards, this package reliably sends billions of messages to clients all over the world. High volume queuing and routing, message encryption, anonymous messaging, and number control are important characteristics.

The Engagement Package with Clickatell Interact (

The Interact package expands on Connect by enabling companies to engage in meaningful dialogue with their customers and provide the standard of digital experiences that today’s mobile-first consumers have grown to demand. From a low/no-code web interface, brands can now easily and quickly design messaging workflows to deploy chatbots and mini-apps. Through a chatbot with advanced capabilities like keyword management, an assets library, and interfaces with top CRM and OMS programs, Interact enables a prompt answer to the consumer. In addition, Interact offers live agent enablement through a sophisticated web-based application that offers real-time sentiment analysis, chat transfers, agent assistance, and agent performance measures, all of which are intended to enhance agent efficiency and enhance customer experience.

The Commerce Package is Clickatell Transact (

Transact enables companies to conduct direct sales of goods and services through messaging channels by sending the customer a payment prompt that starts a safe and straightforward payment process. Building on the foundation of Connect and Interact, Transact enables companies to design comprehensive commerce experiences within messaging. Businesses can create unmatched check out experiences that are totally cloud native and turnkey by accepting payments on the Clickatell Platform without the need for development, secure links, or OMS connection. Tokenization for a frictionless user experience, PCI-DSS security, GDPR and local privacy compliance, and interaction with legacy processes are just a few of the cutting-edge payment capabilities available today.

According to Jeppe Dorff, Chief Product and Technology Officer of Clickatell, “We are assisting companies to engage with their customers in this developing chat commerce arena as commerce continues to change. “Our goal has always been to provide a chat commerce platform that is concentrated on and developed around the key performance indicators that are most important to our clients, including performance and operational efficiencies, client satisfaction, and greater business improvements. In addition to realizing this vision, our Chat Commerce Platform as a Service offers an unmatched user experience for companies and their customers, promoting digital transformation and in-context communications at the touch of a button. Businesses can quickly adopt and personalize their chat commerce solutions with our cutting-edge low/no-code platform, regardless of technical expertise.

Clickatell’s CCPaaS contains a number of potent features to take advantage of this growing chat commerce opportunity and turn consumer engagement into enjoyable shopping experiences that encourage brand loyalty:

Customizable chatbots: The ability to create and implement chatbots to automate interactions, respond to consumer enquiries, and increase revenue.

Live agent chat ( enables brands to provide individualized and effective customer service when necessary by facilitating escalation from chatbots to live agents. For a smooth transition and improved customer experience, live agents can access conversation history and client information.

Real-time analytics and reporting: Access to insightful data on chatbot performance, consumer behavior, and transactional data, enabling the use of data to drive choices and optimize chat commerce strategy.

Simple system integration (  an embedded point-and-click solution for seamless CRM, ERP, and other business system connection. As a result of the platform’s pre-integration with well-known programs like Shopify, Zendesk, and Salesforce, enterprises can go to market more quickly.

Embedded payments: By integrating payments into chat, brands may do transactional commerce with as little effort as replying “I’ll pay.” The functionality offers a rich user experience across all channels and includes a secure connection, hosted order pages, check out with Order Management connectors, and hosted order pages.

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