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Commodities Market Update: Effect of weather conditions on commodities prices

In the domestic market, prices of commodities fell W-o-W due to traders’ inaccessibility to the market because of the frequent rainfalls.
In the open market, only the price of Sorghum increased while prices of other commodities declined on the W-o-W. A similar trend was observed in the international market as prices of all commodities fell on W-o-W except sorghum, sesame, and cashew.

In subsequent weeks, it is expected that domestic prices of commodities will fall further due to low market turnout as farmers prepare ahead for the new season.

Market Price Performance
Prices of most commodities on the Exchange fell W-o-W.  However, paddy rice, cashew, and cocoa gained 36.51%, 30.13%, and 8.08% respectively Y-t-D.

In the open market, other commodities’ prices fell.  Y-t-D,  sorghum, maize, and soybean fell by 13.89%, 12.80% , and 5.70% respectively. However, paddy rice gained 0.55% W-o-W.

With the exception of sorghum, sesame, and cashew, the international price of all commodities fell, W-o-W. However, Y-t-D, maize, sesame, and soybean gained 39.1%, 25.3%, and 22.6% respectively.

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