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Cost of average healthy diet in Nigeria is now N938

The most recent report on the Cost of a Healthy Diet (CoHD) in Nigeria by the NBS indicates that the national average cost of a healthy diet has increased to N938 per day in February 2024, marking a rise of N80 from the previous month. The Cost of a Healthy Diet (CoHD) refers to the most cost-effective combination of locally available food items that align with global food dietary guidelines.

This means that an individual in Nigeria would have to allocate N938 for a healthy diet. At the state level, Ekiti, Lagos, and Osun states reported the highest costs of N1295, N1195, and N1184 per day respectively, while Kastina had the lowest cost, followed by Sokoto and Zamfara State with N673, N714, and N720 respectively.

These variations are a result of differences in product availability and market prices across these states. Factors contributing to this increase include the spike in food inflation to 37.92%, which reflects disruptions in food production. This surge poses significant challenges for individuals, particularly those with lower incomes, as they may struggle to afford a healthy diet due to the escalating average cost and stagnant incomes.

Furthermore, as healthy food becomes less affordable, many Nigerians may turn to cheaper and less nutritious alternatives, potentially leading to malnutrition and complex health issues in the future. To tackle this problem, the government will need to enhance its investment in agriculture through initiatives such as farmer support programs, social safety net programs, and improved food distribution networks.

These efforts will help boost domestic food production, enhance access to nutritious food for low-income households, and ensure that food is available to consumers at a reasonable price. SOURCE: CSEA Africa

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