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Dangote Refinery strikes partnership with XCMG Machinery of China to boost construction

Dangote Refinery in Nigeria, the world’s largest oil refinery project, has recently completed construction and commenced production. Over the past few years, XCMG Machinery has provided over 2,000 units of equipment, including excavators, cranes, road rollers, and more, to this mega refinery project, ensuring high-intensity, uninterrupted operation.

The Dangote Refinery project spans 2,200 hectares and can convert 650,000 barrels of crude oil per day into refined petroleum products. It will assist Nigeria in becoming an oil refining country and greatly reducing energy stability threats, so relieving Nigeria of its reliance on oil imports. The refinery will generate 12,000 megawatts of electricity and employ over 135,000 people permanently.

XCMG’s high-quality products and dependable services have ensured the Dangote Refinery’s seamless development progress. During construction, a single XCMG excavator ran for more than 8,000 hours on average. To deal with the difficult environment of Lagos, a seaside city with high temperatures, humidity, and dust, which pose significant challenges to the adaptability and reliability of construction machinery equipment, XCMG developed tailored upgrades and modifications to assure maximum performance.

The project’s driving force was the XE470D excavator, which is outfitted with a powerful, low-consumption, and environmentally friendly Cummins engine and a three-stage filtration system. To deal with the dusty air, the inner and outer filters use Ultra-Web® filtering material, which enhances the filtration rate to 99.99 percent.

XCMG also sent teams of engineers and technicians to the Dangote Refinery project to provide end-to-end, 24-hour service to the on-site equipment. Since 2017, XCMG has been China’s top exporter of construction machines to Africa. Excavators and cranes manufactured by XCMG are frequently employed in major infrastructure projects throughout Africa, helping to improve and enhance local travel and living conditions.

The Magufuli Bridge project involved XCMG tower cranes leaping across Lake Victoria, Africa’s largest lake. It will be the longest bridge in East Africa and the longest low-tower cable-stayed bridge in Africa, connecting Gaita Province and Mwanza Province in Tanzania. It will be made up of a 3,200-meter-long super-large bridge and a connected 1,660-meter-long approach bridge.

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