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Deadline is next week to submit AppsAfrica Innovation Awards entries

The deadline to submit entries for the 5th AppsAfrica Innovation Awards is fast approaching on September 11th.

The awards continue to showcase innovative ventures from across the continent with previous winners including Kobo360, Flutterwave, Farmcrowdy, Vodacom, JUMO, Snapplify, BitPesa, YegoMoto, Domestly and many more.

Why Enter?
The awards provide winners with industry recognition, global publicity, and networking with 300+ industry peers at the Awards party in Cape Town on November 11th on the eve of AfricaCom. Winners are also invited to Africa Tech Summit Kigali 2020 to join 600+ tech leaders, corporates, startups, and investors.

14 Categories
The Awards are open to corporates, established ventures or start-ups who have launched services in at least one African market for the following award categories; 

Disruptive Innovation Award

This award seeks to recognise the disruptive innovations and new business models that are changing Africa. Entries open across all sectors. Enter Now  

Health Tech Award

This award celebrates the use of technology to improve health services in Africa. Entries may include a new service, device, software, hardware or use of apps, SMS, IVR or social media. Enter Now

Best African App Award
This award recognises the best applications successfully launched on any platform to target African consumers or businesses. Entries are welcome across all sectors and platforms. Enter Now

Enterprise Solution Award

This award celebrates enterprise services across Africa. Entries welcome from innovative ventures and mobile services streamlining, improving and helping business across Africa. Enter Now

Blockchain Award

Few technologies have received as much attention in Africa as blockchain over the past year. This award will recognise initiatives that are utilising blockchain technology to increase the speed, efficiency, accuracy, transparency or cost-effectiveness of any sector in Africa. Enter Now

News & Entertainment Award

Mobile news and entertainment is now a burgeoning industry across Africa. This award seeks to recognise the best news and entertainment innovations. Examples include music, literary, gaming, children’s entertainment, lifestyle and video. Enter Now.

Educational Award

Delivering education has many challenges in Africa. This award recognises services which are striving to improve education by utilising mobile or other technologies. Enter Now

Fintech Award

This award recognises the best fintech innovation including digital currency, bitcoin, mobile money, wallets, P2P, money remittances & transfers, point of sale or funding platforms.Enter Now

Agritech Award

This award recognises the best tech innovations driving agriculture. This includes but is not limited to hardware, software, drones, big data, IoT services, mobile or any tech supporting farmers, improving yields or supply chains in Africa. Enter Now

Social Impact Award
This award recognises an inspiring use of technology that has a positive social impact for an African community while contributing to economic and social development. Enter Now

IoT  Award

This award recognises the most innovative internet of things (IoT) applications, devices, products or services from brands, companies, agencies or platforms that have excelled in utilising IoT across Africa in any sector. Enter Now

mCommerce Award 

This award is dedicated to celebrating the new wave of mobile commerce initiatives across Africa. Entrants might include online platforms, retail brands, portals, apps, classifieds, comparison sites and many more driving mCommerce across Africa. Enter Now

Changing Africa Award  

This award seeks to recognise the leading companies driving game changing initiatives across Africa for the masses. Entrants might include MNO’s, leading tech platforms, hardware providers, banks, connectivity providers, OEM’s or any tech company driving progress across multiple African countries in any sector. Enter Now

Mobility Award

This award seeks to recognise the leading ventures using technology such as hardware, software, robotics, drones or innovative mobile services that improve mobility, logistics or supply chains in an African market. Enter Now

The deadline for entries is September 11th, with the shortlisted finalists announced in October 2019. Award applications will be assessed by a team of expert judges who are selected based on their knowledge, influence and contribution to the improvement of technology and business in Africa.

Sponsorship opportunities
Confirming one of the sponsorship opportunities for the AppsAfrica.com Innovation Awards 2019 will position your brand as a leader in innovation and technology in Africa. Please contact us for more details.
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