Entries now open for CIFOR-ICRAF ‘Trees, People, Planet’ Photo Competition

Do you enjoy taking pictures for fun or as a career, or are you just someone who thinks the natural world is beautiful? We’d like to ask you to submit your finest photos for our forthcoming “Trees, People, Planet” picture contest.

CIFOR-ICRAF is looking for striking photos that highlight the diversity, beauty, and human connection to the world’s landscapes, forests, and wildlife. We invite you to investigate the water theme this year, emphasizing the vital function that water plays in forest ecosystems.

We would like to see your unique viewpoint on anything from the awe-inspiring grandeur of a forested landscape reflected in a pristine lake, to the collaboration between people and trees along a river’s edge, the promise of agroforestry as a climate-friendly practice, or the gathering of non-timber forest products like Brazil nuts or rattan.

Don’t pass up this chance to show off your skills, win $500 USD, and have your work broadcast on digital channels run by CIFOR-ICRAF. Enter by November 3, 2023, to be eligible to participate in our celebration of the important relationship that exists between forests, water, and health.

We welcome competitors in the CIFOR-ICRAF picture competition who are at least 18 years old. It is recommended that you utilize the photography gear that you are most familiar with. CIFOR-ICRAF employees are not permitted entry.
Contributors accept a creative commons, attribution, non-commercial share-alike license (when-NC-SA) when submitting images to the competition.
Rules The following rules should be noted:

There should be no watermarks, autographs, or captions on entries.
Previous winners of photographic contests will be immediately disqualified from entering.
Submissions with images of minors or children are not accepted.
Entries produced with the aid of or utilizing generative artificial intelligence tools are not eligible.
Photographs depicting intentional mistreatment of wildlife will not be approved.
Images taken in situations where human presence is forbidden by authorities or property managers, or where the photographer intentionally causes or has caused environmental damage, are not admissible.
Images captured prior to 2010 will not be accepted.
First place: USD 500, chosen by a jury; second place: USD 400, chosen by a jury; third place: USD 300 the popular vote


In November, the CIFOR-ICRAF team will email each and every finalist. They will be asked to submit a brief video message regarding their image and creative endeavors. The finest videos will be shown in our digital art gallery on the CIFOR-ICRAF portal (details to be published).

Ways to Enter in

Submit your ideas.
You are allowed to submit up to three images in each submission; however, you are only allowed to submit one final entry in the final round.

Title, name, email address, social media accounts (if any), and a caption with the subject, location, and a brief synopsis of the picture’s backstory must all be included in the submitted file.

For Further Details: Go to the CIFOR-ICRAF “Trees, People, Planet” Photo Competition Official Website in 2023. Deadline: 3 November 2023

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