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Enugu govt, investors to develop 11,000 hectares cassava farm

A Nigerian company,  Belform Commercial Agriculture Company Limited, and its foreign partners have announced a multimillion dollars direct investment in cultivation of cassava in Enugu State.

This was as Enugu State government has also mulled partnership on the 11,000 hectares of cassava farms that would be cultivated in 22 locations of 500 hectares per cluster farm in the state.


Announcing the cassava project to newsmen in Enugu at the weekend, Chairman of Belform Commercial Agriculture Company Limited (BCACL), Martins Okwor, hinted that the project was in partnership with Bimal Kishor Dhunna of United Kingdom, Belform Nigeria Limited and other local partners.

Okwor said the project, which has already started in Ikem, Isi Uzo Local Government Area of the state, is aimed at empowering women and youth farmers with all assistance in producing large quantity cassava for both local and export needs.

He said the Enugu Cassava Project was for small and marginal farmers, ensuring that farming continues to remain a financially viable activity, availing to the farmers, modern inclusive production


He disclosed that the project has been unveiled to Enugu State government, which expressed appreciation for the investment and its readiness to offer all support necessary for the actualisation of the project.

Okwor said the company will fully develop land and alot specific plots to local farmers, provide seedlings, equipment, expertise, management control and training facilities for the farmers to optimise production.

“It is a community-based project in which the local farmers will be assisted to increase their productivity through fully mechanised system. It is targeted at young people and women to enhance their potential and expose them to modern technology and techniques of agriculture for full commercial ventures.

“BCACL will buy the produce from the farmers at going market prices for further processing and export.

Magnus Eze, Sunnews

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