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Events that will shape 2023

As 2023 sets in, it is inheriting the past momentous year of 2022 with is many dramas and events and worst of all, the cataclysmic events of its twilight – death of legendary Pele and Pope Benedict XVI.

First, some projections and expectations in 2023

  • The global economy is projected to grow at about 1.6% in 2023 as world wide financial conditions get tougher
  • Slight recession is expected in the USA. 
  • Oil prices is projected to hover around $90 per barrel
  • 2023 could see the formation of the East African Federation (EAF) – a political union between countries in East Africa
  • Al will become more prevalent with natural language processing and machine learning advancement
  • Croatia to adopt the euro on January 02 and becomes the Eurozone’s 20th member state
  • Republic of Croatia to join Schengen Area and becomes Europe’s passport-free travel area 27th member state
  • There will be spikes in energy prices, inflation across countries, raw material and supply chain issues and shortages
  • high borrowing costs for businesses and Eroding households purchasing power

Next, what are the major events that will shape the new year 2023?

  • The ongoing Russia-Ukraine war and whether the parties choose to go to the negotiating table
  • The trial of Donald Trump on his role in the capitol riots and insurrection of January 2020
  • Donald Trumps tax returns
  • The 2023 Winter World University Games in New York, USA
  • The Coronation of Charles III and that of Camilla as Queen
  • Benjamin Netanyahu and the Likud parties dealing with the Palestinians and issue of Israeli settlements on the west bank
  • The outcome of the Nigeria General elections and events leading up to it
  • US – China Relations
  • The 2023 FIFA Under 20 World Cup in Indonesia.
  • China-Taiwan relations and what China does in respect to Taiwan sovereignty
  • Elon Musk’s handling of Twitter
  • The 2023 Luxembourg general election
  • The 2023 FIFA Women’s World Cup in New Zealand and  Australia
  • The 2022 Asian Games in China
  • The 2023 Pan American Games in Chile.
  • The 2023 Sudanese general election 
  • The 2023 AFC Asian Cup scheduled to hold in Qata
  • NATO’s attitude and approach to Norway and Finland membership applications
  • China’s management of the current Covid-19 situation in its cities
  • The global climate crisis and what the World Governments and big corporation does about it in 2023
  • North Korea’s nuclear threats and the actions of the US and the rest of the World toward it
  • Armed group activities in Nigeria, Mali, Burkina Faso, Yemen, Syria, Somalia, Congo, Libya, Sudan
  • Inflationary pressures around the country and the fear of economic recession
  • The 2023 Spanish general election
  • The 2023 Guatemalan general election.
  • The 2023 Cambodian general election.
  • The 2023 Turkish general election
  • The 2023 Thai general election.
  • The 2023 Finnish parliamentary election.
  • The 2023 Paraguayan general election .
  • The 2023 Estonian parliamentary election
  • The 2023 Czech Presidential election
  • The 2023 Polish parliamentary election

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