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Expected Upward Pressure on Maize Price in the Market

Compared to the previous week, the prices of most commodities on the Exchange were muted except for maize which gained 20.19% while soybean and paddy rice fell by 3.44% and 11.48%. 

However, there was a decline in the prices of most commodities in the open market. Nevertheless, ginger and maize increased by 7.01% and 0.69% respectively.
Traders expect prices of grains, especially maize to resume an upward trend into August on the back of the low supply of the commodity in the market amid building buy pressure from processors. Read the Weekly Report
Market Price Performance
The prices of commodities on the Exchange remained flat except for maize which gained 20.19% and on the flip side soybean and paddy rice which fell by 3.44% and 11.48% respectively.

In the open market, price of ginger and maize gained 7.01% and 0.69% respectively W-o-W, while soybean, paddy rice and sorghum fell by 4%, 1.56% , and 2.7% respectively. Y-t-D, cashew, paddy rice, and sesame gained 30.05%, 16.15%, and 3.47% respectively.

International prices of ginger and paddy rice gained 13.39% and 1.44% W-o-W while maize, soybean, and cocoa lost 17.48%, 7.39% , and 3.46% respectively. On a Y-t-D basis, all the commodities gained except for cocoa and cashew which fell by 13.44% and 2.39% respectively.Check out other relevant details on market performance by accessing the report here.

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