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Fanta® Brings Back #WhatTheFanta with a Mysterious New Taste: ‘What the Fanta’ Dessert-Themed Flavour

Fanta® is thrilled to present the latest addition to its “What The Fanta” (WTF) lineup: a dessert-themed flavor that, for the first time ever, blends mouthwatering flavors reminiscent of dessert with an alluring purple hue.

Get ready, Fanta community! With a hint of dessert and a dash of fruity flavor, the beloved Fanta® has been reimagined to provide you with an amazing fruity journey. Our newest product under the WTF brand, which embodies The Coca-Cola Company’s mission to constantly innovate and offer options throughout our beverage portfolio, mixes the delight of a high-end dessert experience with a visually gorgeous, photogenic purple hue.

According to Ramokone Ledwaba, Marketing Director for The Coca-Cola Company in South Africa, “‘What The Fanta’ is back with great delight after a triumphant run in 2022 that clinched six prestigious awards, including gold at the New Generation Social & Digital Media Awards and SMARTIES Creator Economy, along with a NielsenIQ BASES Top Breakthrough Innovations in South Africa accolade.”

Unsweetened and perfectly balanced between tart and sweet, the new purple ‘What The Fanta’ is a delectable puzzle just waiting to be solved. With every drink, a mystery for the palate will be unveiled, revealing a secret flavor with a dessert motif.

Fanta® is well known for thrilling and enthralling customers with inventive new flavors and motivational advertising. “#WhatTheFanta combines everything that Fanta excels at, which is upending the category by entertaining its expanding fan base and introducing cutting-edge new flavors in novel ways to draw in new customers,” Ledwaba says.

Are you still searching for hints? There’s more to our exciting journey than just the puzzles on our website. Running through the streets of Mzansi in search of Novel Fanta Token (NFT) clues—which have been thoughtfully distributed among our partner retailers—will take you on an entertaining and thrilling adventure. This will make it easier for you to enter your predictions for the decadent new #WhatTheFanta flavor. It won’t be easy, but everything is hidden in plain sight, so it will be worthwhile. In addition, a TV commercial, digital executions, influencer collaborations, and thrilling instant wins will all help to further enhance this campaign.

Discovering the mystery flavor can net you incredible rewards, such as certificates, the newest iPhone 15, colorful Crocs, and more. Take advantage of this mysterious flavor quest! Go to ( to learn more about the decadent, mystery flavor and to participate in the hunt by making predictions. You can also follow the ‘What The Fanta’ fun on social media.

Everyone is encouraged to sample this novel flavor, venture an educated estimate, and savor the suspense.

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