Farmcrowdy partners with Livestock 247 to streamline farming operations

Farmgate Africa, Nigeria’s agro-commodity aggregator platform has announced its partnership with, an online Livestock Market established to bring together Buyers, Sellers, Ranchers/Feedlot Operators, Veterinary Professionals, Haulage Companies, Butcheries/Abattoirs, and Financial Service Providers.

This partnership is following the recent launch of the commodity aggregator platform by Farmcrowdy Group an umbrella company established to build agritech solutions that will enable the achievement of food security, sustainability and the growth of Agriculture in Africa.

The partnership between, Farmgate Africa and the Farmcrowdy Group as a whole will deepen the offerings in the agricultural space in terms of proper organization and profitable deployment of funds to key areas of production and trading.

On the production end, Farmcrowdy has partnered with in piloting its first ever cattle feedlot in Adamawa State.

The first phases have been quite successful and this sees the businesses scaling production to over 24,000 bulls with about 1,200 feedlot clusters in the North East, North West and Southern parts of Nigeria operating through feedlot systems.

On the trading end, Farmgate Africa has anchored the relationship that sees trading in excess of 20,000 bulls in over 10 abattoirs in Lagos for Y2019 alone.

According to Ibrahim Maigari Ahmadu, Co-Founder and CEO of, Lagos slaughters over 6000 cows a day, being the largest consuming livestock market in sub-Saharan Africa. The target, he says, is to produce in excess of 24,000 bulls through 1,200 feedlot clusters in the next one year.

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