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FBNQuest’s five Mutual Funds outperform 5-year benchmarks

FBNQuest Asset Management, a subsidiary of FBN Holdings, recently held annual general meetings for five mutual funds managed by the firm.

The funds are the FBN Balanced Fund, FBN Smart Beta Equity Fund, FBN Eurobond Fund, FBN Bond Fund and the FBN Money Market Fund.

The Fund Manager continues to deliver commendable results, which is demonstrated by strong performance across all its funds.

The FBN Bond Fund was the best performing of the mutual funds, returning 104.20% over the five-year period whilst its US Dollar fund, the FBN Eurobond Fund, returned 48.43% in US Dollars over the same period. The FBN Smart Beta Equity Fund also outperformed its benchmark by 38.22% in the five-year period.

FBNQuest Asset Management’s mutual funds provide investment opportunities for investors with low, moderate or high-risk tolerance. The FBN Balanced Fund is one of the largest and oldest mixed-asset funds in Nigeria, having been launched in 2008.

 It has built a track record of consistently outperforming its benchmark, earning its investors a total return of 81.09% over the five-year period.

The Fund provides exposure to money market securities, bonds and equities and, with a minimum investment of N50,000.00 (fifty thousand Naira only), offers diversification across various asset classes. This solution is suitable for investors desiring income and long-term capital growth.”

Commenting on the performance of the funds, Ike Onyia, the Managing Director of FBNQuest Asset Management, stated that “Our strong performance track record is premised on the research capabilities, insights and experience of our portfolio management and research teams. Our mutual funds serve as useful investment options useful in formulating unique and value-adding investment strategies for various client segments. This is because our range of mutual funds cut across various asset classes including equities, bonds and money markets”.

“Our funds remain easily accessible, as our goal is to continue to drive financial inclusion and democratise wealth creation, by supporting the financial security aspiration of investors”. he added.

Increasingly, financial markets are becoming complex to navigate and as a result, it will not be out of place for investors to actively seek the inclusion of mutual funds in their investment portfolio, which will serve as the structured gateway to such markets. Seeking the help of experienced financial planners to assist you in establishing your risk tolerance levels and advise on suitable options is highly recommended.

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