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FIFA Fund for Football Players approves 225 new applications

FIFA (https://www.FIFA.com) has set aside a total of USD 16 million to partially pay players. A further 225 player applications have been approved; the fund assists players who have not been paid and have little possibility of collecting the payments agreed upon with their clubs.

Following a decision by the FIFAFIFPRO Steering Committee in accordance with the program’s protocol, 225 players will be reimbursed in the third phase of the FIFA Fund for Football Players (FIFA FFP).

The FIFA Fund for Football Players (FIFA FFP) is the outcome of a historic agreement struck by FIFA and FIFPRO in 2020 (https://apo-opa.info/42QqKXs) that gives financial assistance to players who have not been paid and have no possibility of obtaining the salary agreed upon with their clubs. The fund’s overall funding is USD 16 million, which has been divided between four application rounds. Following the successful end of the second period, FIFA is currently finalizing payments for the third phase.

The 225 approved proposals are for phase three and cover the period from January to December 2021 (inclusive), with a total budget of USD 4 million. FIFA set up a total of USD 16 million for the scheme’s introduction, which was divided between four application cycles.

With the third session over, FIFA is now reviewing applications for the fourth period.

“In recent years, we’ve been able to provide relief to 1,370 players thanks to our fruitful collaboration with FIFPRO.” “This is yet another concrete example of FIFA and FIFPRO standing in solidarity with those in need through an efficient mechanism that benefits the entire football community,” said Ornella Desirée Bellia, FIFA Director of Professional Football Relations & Development.

Given how inconvenient it is for players not to receive their salary, we are glad that the FIFA FFP is once again providing them with a safety net to ensure that they receive a portion of what is owed. We’re particularly glad to see that the fund’s payouts have increased dramatically compared to prior years, and FIFA should be applauded for its commitment to this project,” said Roy Vermeer, FIFPRO’s Legal Director.

More information about the applications for the third period can be found in the following report (https://apo-opa.info/3Mkpkz6).

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