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First International Rugby Stadium in West Africa unveiled in Ghana

The Rugby Stadium, unveiled during the 2024 African Games in Accra, Ghana, marks a significant breakthrough for sports in the region. Located at the University of Ghana, this stadium has the potential to become a key venue for hosting international rugby competitions.

As the first international standard rugby stadium in West Africa, the facility adheres to the guidelines and regulations set by World Rugby. Its state-of-the-art features are aimed at raising the profile of rugby throughout the African continent.

Previously, Rugby Africa has encountered difficulties in finding suitable venues for international rugby events. The opening of this stadium not only addresses these challenges but also demonstrates a bold step towards fostering the growth of rugby in Africa. In addition to hosting international competitions, the Rugby Stadium will primarily serve the Ghana Rugby Federation.

Since 2021, stakeholders from various sectors, including government officials, the Ghanaian community, and the Ghana Rugby Federation, have collaborated to turn this vision into reality. After three years of meticulous planning and construction, the stadium now stands as a testament to Ghana and Rugby Africa’s commitment to advancing rugby infrastructure and development across the continent.

“We take immense pride in the inauguration of the Rugby Stadium, as it signifies a monumental milestone for rugby in Africa. This state-of-the-art facility not only enhances the standard of rugby infrastructure in the region but also represents our collective dedication to the growth and development of the sport. Ultimately, it provides us with an opportunity to elevate our competition structures,” said Herbert Mensah, President of Rugby Africa. I express my utmost appreciation to everyone involved for their unwavering backing and commitment. Collectively, we are molding the destiny of rugby in Africa.

The inauguration of the Rugby Stadium presents a tremendous opportunity to ignite grassroots involvement and nurture talent in the sports arena of West Africa. The stadium is poised to serve as a central point for rugby enthusiasts. By means of outreach programs, training endeavors, and community gatherings, its objective is to ignite the passion of the upcoming generation of rugby players and cultivate a culture of sports advancement.

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