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Five Nigerian e-commerce startups emerge from GIZ LoT 17 program

Five Nigerian transport and e-commerce startups have emerged from GIZ LoT 17 program. Seedstars and Lab of Tomorrow (LoT) announced this as part of the completion of LoT 17, a groundbreaking program aimed at revolutionizing Nigeria’s transportation and e-commerce sectors. This process resulted in the formation of five vibrant businesses with novel concepts for improving intercity and last-mile transportation services for people and commodities.

The program, which was funded by the BMZ and conducted by the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH, brought together 23 participants from 23 different companies. Using digital trade as a springboard, these industry pioneers partnered to develop new solutions to improve intercity and last-mile transportation services for people and products in Nigeria.

LoT 17 centered on Nigeria, where the thriving e-commerce and logistics sectors are primed for technology advancement. However, issues remain, particularly in terms of transportation quality and the primarily informal nature of the business. As a result, the program focused on these specific concerns in order to effect actual change.

The LoT 17 program teamed with Seedstars to deliver workshop sessions, mentorship meetings, and check-in sessions to its participants. These stages resulted in the creation of five new business solutions, which were showcased at the Demo Day.

The Demo Day was the program’s finale, exhibiting the top disruptive ideas to a panel of seasoned investors and industry professionals. Each firm demonstrated the revolutionary power of technology in the transportation sector by introducing distinctive, scalable, and effective solutions.

CargoLink, a digital platform that connects nationwide logistics operators for more efficient shipments, Efotainer, a mobile solar-powered refrigeration device for transporting perishable goods, and MonieMove, a B2B marketplace that increases purchasing power for small and medium-sized logistics service providers, are among the five startups of LoT 17. SHAPP, a delivery management platform that improves communication between e-commerce vendors, delivery providers, and riders, and Trade Tracka, a review and rating platform that employs artificial intelligence to promote trust between online customers and businesses, are two others.

“Innovation investment is critical for growth.” “We are incredibly proud of these startups’ dedication, resilience, and innovative thinking,” stated Sheilla Atieno of Seedstars. “Their solutions could truly revolutionize Nigeria’s transportation sector.”

According to the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH. “The Lab of Tomorrow program emphasizes the critical role that the private sector plays in driving sustainable development,” GIZ’s Sina Uti-Waziri said. “The solutions presented during this Demo Day embody the spirit of innovation that we strive to foster through our program.”

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