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FREE Investor Pitch Video Masterclass from CoFoundersLab

We are all experiencing unprecedented global disruption due to the Coronavirus.

We have heard from thousands of you in our CoFoundersLab Community that they are struggling and facing unique challenges.

I’m Josh Wenner, President of CoFoundersLab. We are all feeling the pain and need a little help.

To that end we would like to give you our most recent Pitch Deck MasterClass.

Every month, StartUP Accelerator Members get to pitch before investors. Lots to learn in this masterclass, from 4 of our CEO’s who pitched our Investors / Advisors.
Watch here
We are also taking unprecedented measures by reducing the cost of our StartUP Accelerator Program to our base internal cost which = $29 per month. This is a 70% discount.

We created StartUP Accelerator to help entrepreneurs with resources to start and grow their business. This is the #1 Virtual and Live Accelerator in the world. It’s a very powerful program that gives entrepreneurs access to mentorship, weekly live video sessions, resources & networking. I’ve been in the startup trenches, and believe me, this program would have saved me a lot of time, money, mistakes & headaches.

You get access to these resources to save you time, money & frustration:
56 hours of step-by-step curated, unique videos
14 step-by-step workbooks
31 done-for-you templates, case studies, and slides
Lastly, it’s vital that you have the right community. I started out as a lone wolf working late nights and weekends by myself. No one can do this alone.

We have worked hard to create a Startup Community where members support each other. This helps you stay motivated, share resources, tips and suggestions, and it reminds you that you are not alone.

We are giving you StartUP Accelerator at our cost—it’s an amazing resource in these unprecedented times. Enroll here:
Enroll here – only $29/month
Business has been disrupted. Do something about it. Focus on things you will need to know and learn to take your business to the next level. Stay strong, we’ll get past this.

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