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Fundraising: Plexus Wifi Superfast pay as you go solar powered wifi

This venture, Plexus wifi, is seeking finance for their venture. Are you an investor? Check out page to see the details of this venture.

We are rolling out city wide solar powered wifi in Lusaka, Zambia (to start with then nationwide).

Plexus wifi will be a ‘pay as you go’ model which will be one of the offerings of City Wifi Zambia, which will host other wireless telecommunications services for the enterprise market in the region.

The network will be as fast if not faster than 4G internet and users do not need any modems, routers or any costly installation!

Our network is fully solar powered and can withstand prolonged power outages. We are continually expanding the network across the city! If we haven’t reached you main roaming areas yet, we will soon be there.

Our target is to cover every home,every business, every school, and every hospital by December 2016.

Country   –  Zambia
Markets   –  Botswana, Lesotho, Namibia, South Africa, Swaziland, Zambia
Sectors      –   Clean Technology, Internet, Telecommunications
January 2016
Founder     –  Allan Okello
Website    –

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